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Are Harmful VOC’s Lurking in Your House?


skull-1426813_960_720VOC exposure on an individual level can be difficult to control, and fortunately, you probably don’t have to worry too much about getting sick from exposure if you don’t work with VOCs every day. However, if you feel like it’s important to do your small part in limiting the amount of VOCs that come into your home and get spread into the surrounding environment,

1) If possible, avoid using products containing VOCs. This is not always going to be possible, but there are more and more products coming into the market that are VOC-free. Opt for those whenever they are available.

2) Take the right precautions when using products containing VOCs. Proper ventilation is face-mask-98640_960_720number one on the list. For example, if you are painting your home’s interior, open the windows so that VOC fumes don’t accumulate indoors. Crack the bathroom window open if you’re painting your nails or removing nail polish. When using household cleaners, use the least amount that is needed to do the job effectively. Wear a mask while painting or working with other VOCs, particularly if you must be exposed for more than a few minutes.

3) Get to know the names of the types of VOC’s you are likely to run into when purchasing household products. Here’s partial list of some of the most common ones:


* Formaldehyde (yes, the same stuff they use to pickle biological specimens for preservation)

* Acetone

* Ethanol

* Carbon Disulfide

* Butanal

* Terpenes

* Toluene

* Dichlorobenzene

* Benzene

4) Opt for products with labels that say “No VOC’s” or “VOC-free.” If the label doesn’t say, check the list of ingredients to see if any of the above chemicals appear.

Why Does Tailored Living Care About VOC’s?


Copper-1000x750 premier one elements

PremierOne Elements flooring in “Copper”

Tailored Living is committed to doing its part for both the environment and for its customers. When it comes to VOC’s, we don’t want them in our products. Because VOC’s are commonly found in floor coatings (something Tailored Living works with frequently), we made sure they didn’t go into any of our exclusive, proprietary-blend garage floor coatings. Tailored Living’s PremierOne® Floor Coatings are VOC-free and create a permanent chemical bond with concrete floors. This super-strong bond means you won’t have to worry about your floor peeling. Not only that, but it will protect and preserve your concrete, which will increase its life span.


One of the best things about our PremierOne® Floor Coatings is that they’re not just aesthetically beautiful; they’re also practical. They won’t chip or fade, and they are ultra-stain resistant. In fact, the glossy finish repels stains and spills of all kinds, including the things you commonly keep in the garage, like gasoline, motor oil and cleaning fluids. Spills wipe up easily with a dry cloth, and the sealed barrier will not allow liquids of any kind (including water tracked in by tires) to penetrate to the concrete below.

At the end of the day, you get a garage floor that is protective and made to last for many years. Not only that, but you can feel confident about keeping harmful VOC’s out of your home and away from your family and even make a contribution to keeping the air clean and healthy.

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Do I Have to Seal my Concrete Garage Floor?

garage floor raffia(3)A colorful, contemporary garage floor coating adds a nice touch to a room that is sometimes not given much attention. A finished garage floor is often thought of as a luxury, something that is applied merely for cosmetic reasons. However, the benefit of a quality coating is more than just cosmetic. There are a number of other compelling reasons to consider sealing your garage floor, like:

* Weather-proofing: Experts recommend that anyone who lives in a region that experiences freeze/thaw cycles in the winter should seal their garage floors. That includes here in the greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley region. Though our winters are fairly mild, and freezing/thawing doesn’t occur frequently, it does happen. Just a few of those cycles are enough to cause permanent damage to a concrete garage floor.

Here’s why: concrete is porous. When moisture and water get into your garage (which it does with regularity here), water seeps into those many tiny pores. When the temperature dips down below zero, that water freezes and expands. When the temperature rises again, the water thaws and contracts. After just a few cycles of this, those pores start to expand. Eventually cracking, pitting and spalling can begin to occur. This, in turn, lets in even more moisture, compounding the problem even further. Minor pitting and spalling may not be bothersome, but giant cracks will become problematic. Foundational damage may even occur.

* Chemical and stain resistance: Though it’s not as big a problem here as it is northern BC and eastern parts of Canada, road salt is a major concern when it comes to the garage floor. This type of salt, as most car owners know, is corrosive. Just as it can cause rust to a car, it can also corrode concrete. Other chemicals commonly found in garages are also bad for concrete. Oil, gas, antifreeze and battery acid can all cause damage to concrete.

* Easier cleaning: a smooth surface is easier to clean than a porous one. This probably goes without saying, as many readers have probably tried cleaning or sweeping concrete before and know that it’s challenging.

Tailored Living, which also owns the Premier Garage brand, offers a variety of flooring types. If it’s sealing action that you’re after, its PremierOne floor coatings are the toughest floor coatings on the market. This product is exclusive to Tailored Living/Premier Garage and is a proprietary-blend developed by Sika®, reputed worldwide for its industrial grade structural coatings. PremierOne comes in several styles and colours and is extremely durable. You can read more about our PremierOne floor coatings on the Tailored Living website.