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Seven Luxury Garage Accessories Dads Will Drool Over

man working with tools in garageFather’s Day season is always a great time of year to highlight the ultimate Man Cave: the garage. It doesn’t really matter what guys (dads and non-dads alike) like to do in the garage, whether its tinkering with engines, building stuff or just hanging out. There are all kinds of luxury garage accessories out there that dads can’t help but drool over. We’ve picked out seven of our favourites. What guy wouldn’t want one of these:

1) Automotive elevator: Only a two-car garage? “Two car” might be relative if you install an automotive elevator. This way, you can stack cars two-high, so a two-car garage might become a four-car garage. It’s a great way to store your classic car or the sports car that only comes out storage in the summer.

2) Automotive lift: Every guy who likes to work on cars can appreciate how much easier it would be to have one of these. You’ll be able to throw your hydraulic jack away.

bar-1329386 beer keg

Photo by Elizabeth Espichan

3) Bar: There’s no rule that the garage is only for cars. Or for that matter, that bars are only for basement rec rooms. Turn your garage into a neighbourhood hangout with a bar, counter and bar stools. Install a beer tap and get ready for the influx of new friends you’ll make. If you can’t afford to convert your whole garage because you still need someplace to park the car, how about a mini bar instead? Install a small cabinet to hold your favourite spirits and a mini fridge for beer and other cold drinks.

4) Gym: Even a small, single-car garage can be transformed into a gym with rack, bench and weights. If you are lucky enough to have an exceptionally-large garage, go crazy and put in a basketball or racquetball court for the ultimate home athletic centre.

black car in garage5) Flooring: This is a luxury that is much more affordable to indulge in than an elevator or bar. Tailored Living’s PremierOne floor coatings cover your existing concrete floor, protecting it from potential damage due to moisture and other elements. Plus, it looks amazing! It even makes a great garage gym floor. Even more affordable is Tailored Living’s PremierTrax interlocking floor tiles. These durable tiles are laid right over your existing floor. Installation can be completed in a matter of hours and there is no wait time to get back inside your garage (and maybe set up your weights and bench).

6) Entertainment/gaming centre. Call it a Man Cave if you like, but there’s nothing cave-ish about a garage that doubles as a place to hang out with the guys, complete with built in big screen TV, DVD player and gaming console. Throw in your favourite beat-up couch, popcorn and beer and you have a party just waiting to happen.

Stainless steel cabinets and drawers with work table by Tailored Living. Gridwall on wall allows for easy hanging and storage of tools and other items.

Stainless steel cabinets and drawers with work table by Tailored Living. Gridwall on wall allows for easy hanging and storage of tools and other items.

7) The ultimate workshop: Whether wood work, welding/metal work or automotive repair or restoration is your thing, your garage can be the ideal workshop. Build in work benches, tables or equipment. Add pegboard, slatwall or gridwall and you’ll have a place to hang tools and other things you need.





These are just a small handful of ideas. Even if a car elevator is out of the question, you can still get a great garage makeover at an affordable price. Tailored Living offers free in-home consultations and can work with you to create a customized garage space for whatever you like to do in the garage.



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Rev Up Your Garage This Summer

We’ve been talking garages a lot in recent posts, and now Tailored Living has a summer “Rev Up” your garage promotion. We thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about some of Tailored Living’s unique and exclusive garage flooring solutions. We can’t say enough about how enthusiastic we are about the various garage flooring solutions that Tailored Living offers, each designed with a couple of basic premises in mind. One is that they’re easy to care for, because let’s face it: no one has time to mop the garage. Our flooring solutions make clean-up a breeze. Secondly, Tailored Living’s flooring styles are made to protect both your garage floor as well as the things that you put or park on that floor. They’re durable and tough and made to last.

Here we will briefly highlight the flooring types we offer and some of their benefits:

PremierOne® Decorative Chip Flooring

PremierOne® Decorative Chip Flooring in "Iced Coffee"

PremierOne® Decorative Chip Flooring in “Iced Coffee”

Type: Hybrid polymer decorative chips, available in 18 patterns, with large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips

Benefits: Resistant to damage from weather changes (fluctuations between hot and cold, wet and dry); resists chipping and peeling, resists stains, easy to clean, resistant to chemical damage from gasoline, oil and other fluids often stored in the garage

Application: About one day to prep and coat; 24-36 hours drying time

PremierTrax Garage Floor Tiles

PremierFlex garage floor tiles in black, red and gray, arranged in pattern

PremierTrax Garage Floor Tiles in a custom pattern

Type: Floating, interlocking polypropylene/rubber mix tiles

Benefits: Quick installation; no curing needed; no adhesives or chemicals; extremely durable and strong; flexible; unique “flow-through” design eliminates tracking dirt into the house and keeps your floor clean and safe for children and pets; non-slip surface; easy care; ability to create multi-colour designs and patterns

Application: Cut, fit and lock. No wait time after application.

* * * * * *

Plus, Tailored LIving is in the process of getting some brand new flooring products that we’re very excited to be able to introduce in the greater Vancouver area in the coming months. They will be great additions to our current inventory of garage flooring options, and we’ll be introducing them as soon as they are available for installation.

Besides flooring, Tailored Living also offers a diverse selection of garage organization products like cabinetry, shelving and countertops that can be custom cut, fit and arranged to whatever space you have available. If you’ve been thinking of renovating your garage, what’s holding you back? Did you know that a consultation with one of Tailored Living’s experts is free? Let us come into your garage and show you your possibilities with no obligation to make a purchase. Summer is a great time for a garage reno, and our Rev Up promo makes it even easier.