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The Five Most Common Objections to Getting a Free In-Home Consultation (And Why You Shouldn’t Listen to That Nagging Voice In Your Head)

tailored-living-design-processMaybe you’ve been thinking about getting your closet, garage, home office or laundry room made-over. Perhaps you are one who has been sitting on the fence for awhile, trying to decide whether to move forward on such a project. Or maybe you only just recently stumbled on Tailored Living at a local Home Show or on the Internet, or encountered an acquaintance who raved to you about her ultra-organized, super-efficient new closet and thought maybe you’d benefit from one too.

If you relate to any of these scenarios, you are the type of homeowner that Tailored Living had in mind when it designed its Free In-Home Consultation.

1) I don’t have time to sit down and listen to a long presentation. Don’t you hate it when you’re contacted by a salesman who talks you into a “short” in-home presentation, only to show up at the appointed time with a display board, an iPad with a 100-question survey, a product catalog and a giant box filled with samples (and “you simply MUST see them all,” he insists)? And suddenly you realize that by “short” he meant at least an hour, probably more, and you’re desperately grasping for excuses to get him to leave.

Tailored Living’s expert representatives know that your time is valuable, and they are committed to respecting that. After all, it’s a privilege to be invited into someone’s home as a guest, and our reps make gracious guests. We don’t come with a three-dimensional display board, a questionnaire or dozens of samples. It’s really just a congenial visit. No props, just ideas and suggestions. It only takes 15 minutes or less of your time (unless you get so excited about the possibilities that you invite us in for coffee). Not only that, but your representative is also your contractor, so he or she really knows what they are talking about when it comes to potential products, design and installation questions. There is no second-guessing, no empty promises, and no communication gap between rep and contractor.

2) There’s no such thing as “free.” There MUST be strings attached, or fine print or a hidden clause or something….. Tricking potential customers is NEVER good for business, no matter what that business is. There’s no fine print anywhere on our website, catalog or other marketing materials. “Free” really means free. No strings. You don’t have to do anything or buy anything if you don’t want to. We authentically appreciate the opportunity to see and talk about your home with you and we want to earn your trust.

3) I don’t want to be hassled by a high-pressure salesperson. Tailored Living’ reps are not salesmen (see point #1). They are owners and contractors whose genuine interest is to help you make living easier by getting better organized with custom solutions and systems for every individual or family. You will probably receive a follow-up phone call after your in-home consultation, especially if you’ve indicated an interest in a renovation. However, we won’t call if you ask us not to, and we won’t spam your email inbox. Remember, we want to build trust, so we’ll respect any contact requests that you make.

4) I can’t afford a renovation right now. We know that doing any kind of a home reno, even small ones, can be costly. However, many homeowners don’t realize that they can achieve a desired set of results at a lower cost simply by choosing more economical (but equally-functional) materials or accessories, or slightly altering a particular design feature. The only way to find out this information is through an in-home consultation. Additionally, Tailored Living doesn’t outsource the actual renovation work to a third-party, which also helps to keep costs lower than other companies in the market.befunky-collage-2

5) My closet/garage/house is so small there is nothing anyone can do to improve its storage capacity. There is no space too small that Tailored Living cannot transform into a fully-functional and highly efficient storage space. In fact, Tailored Living was founded on the philosophy of improving small spaces because they are usually the ones that need the most organizational help. (If you had ample space you probably wouldn’t have thought of us in the first place.) Because everything is custom-cut, shaped and designed to fit your space, size doesn’t matter at all.


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Seven Common Questions About Murphy Beds

Summer flame Murphy Bed Tailored Living Open

“Summer Flame” Tailored Living Murphy Bed with a double mattress gives this home office a dual purpose.

As city living spaces get smaller in Vancouver, renters and home owners are looking for more ways to maximize space and the Murphy bed (also known as a wall bed or hideaway bed) is making a come back.  They’re an ideal solution for “increasing” living space, but many people are unfamiliar with their workings.  Here, Terry and Mike answer seven of the most common questions people ask about Murphy beds:

1) Does a Murphy Bed have to be stored vertically?

The vertical Murphy Bed is most common because it is the easiest type to fit into small living spaces, like condos and apartments.  But some people prefer horizontal Murphy Beds simply because they offer a different look.  Vertical Murphy beds make better use of largely unusable wall space, but for those who aren’t necessarily fighting living space wars at home, a horizontal Murphy bed is a great option for making a spare room into a multi-use area.  For example, a room that is set aside as a home gym can quickly be turned into a spare guest bedroom.  It is important to note, though, that horizontal Murphy beds cost more than vertical ones.

2) Does a Murphy Bed have to be installed inside of a wall cavity?

The bed in a closet is the image that is often associated with the Murphy bed.  Actually, most Murphy beds are not installed in a wall cavity (although they can be if the homeowner wishes).  After-market Murphy bed installations are usually installed as a cabinet that is added to the surface of an existing wall.  Tailored Living can create custom cabinets that will match any décor and accommodate mattresses up to 12 inches thick.  We can do this without cutting into existing drywall.  Installation is relatively simple and can be accomplished in just a few hours.

3) What size is a Murphy bed?

Murphy beds come in the same sizes that regular beds do: king, queen, double and twin.  It’s also possible to create a Murphy bed that is custom-sized (i.e. extra long or between standard sizes). However, it’s important to remember two things.  First, Tailored Living Murphy beds are designed to accommodate a double (full) or queen size mattress.  Other sizes will cost extra.  Secondly, if you want a Murphy bed frame that’s an irregular size, you may have a difficult time finding a mattress to fit.

A Murphy bed by Tailored Living, tucked away inside a rich brown wood cabinet in a home office.

The gorgeous cabinet hides the bed away during the day, transforming the room into a home office.

4) How much space do I need to accommodate a Murphy bed?

It depends on the size that you want.  Standard mattress sizes with their square footage are:

* Twin mattress: 20.31 square feet (39″ X 75″)

Double mattress: 28.125 square feet (54″ X 75″)

Queen mattress: 33.33 square feet (60″ X 80″)

* King mattress: 42.22 square feet (76″ X 80″)

* Extra charge for this size.

You should also factor in a few extra inches for hardware and clearance.  Standard wall height is around eight feet, so most every residence from basement suite or condo to single family home should be able to accommodate any size Murphy bed.

5) If I move, can I take my Murphy bed with me?

Our Murphy beds can be uninstalled and re-installed fairly easily.  We don’t recommend that you do it yourself for safety reasons.

6) Are Murphy beds safe?

Installed correctly, they are very safe.  In other words, they won’t come crashing down in the middle of the day!

We always recommend that you have a professional like Tailored Living of Vancouver/Coquitlam install your Murphy bed rather than doing it yourself.  Our experienced pros do this regularly and understand all the safety precautions.  Plus, we’ll be able to address any special concerns that you have and design a bed that is customized to your space and needs.

7) Do Murphy beds add value to a home?

Wall beds don’t usually add significant value to a home.  However, they are often a compelling selling feature for home owners.  If you’re a landlord, Murphy beds are also appealing to potential renters who want to maximize their available space.