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Home Organization Hacks: 85 Ways to Use Slatwall In Your Home to Make Life Saner

laundry room slatwallOne of the most versatile and, therefore, popular products over the years that we’ve been serving the Greater Vancouver market has been our slatwall  product. Slatwall consists of wood planks with grooves in between that can be installed over drywall. You’re probably familiar with slatwall even if you don’t realize it or recognize it readily. It’s sometimes used by retailers in stores to hang and display their wares for shoppers. Thanks to its excellent functionality and versatility, it has begun to catch on in the home, too.

The grooves in slatwall allow for quick and easy placement of hooks and hooked devices or containers. Once you place the hooks, previously unused wall space becomes practical storage space for a variety of different types of items. Best of all, you aren’t locked into a particular configuration when it comes to the things you hook into your slats. You can rearrange them any way, any time you need to. Your wall can be changed when your needs change without ever having to change the wall itself.

Tailored Living most often installs slatwall in garages, but slatwall can actually be used in any part of the home. In fact, we have installed it in laundry rooms, home offices and even bedrooms. Don’t worry… slatwall isn’t strictly utilitarian. Although extremely practical, it looks amazing, too. It can even be painted to match or complement an existing color scheme in whatever part of the house you want it.

Once you’ve installed your slatwall, you can adapt and customize it to your needs using a variety of storage maximizing accessories. As already mentioned, hooks are common, but you can also insert baskets, bins and shelves. You can insert them in seconds and move or remove them just as easily.

Here are 85 slatwall hacks for every room in your home that might inspire (or surprise) you.

steel slatwallIn the garage:

1) Hand tools (hammers, saws, etc.).

2) Organize nails and screws.

3) Hang bicycles.

4) Sleds.

5) Surfboards.

6) Skateboards.

7) Skis and ski poles.

8) Baseball bats.

9) Golf clubs.

10) Tennis rackets.

11) Skates

12) Sports balls (baseballs, golf balls, etc.).

13) Hand gardening tools.

14) Large gardening tools (shovels, spades and rakes).

15) Snow shovels.

16) Ladders.

17) Folding stools and chairs.

18) Fishing poles and gear.

19) Cleaning supplies.

20) Automotive fluids.

21) Camping gear.

In the playroom or a child’s bedroom:

22) Hold and sort Lego.  lego-615239_960_720

23) Toy cars.

24) Small toy balls.

25) Small blocks.

26) Play dough/clay and accessories.

In the office:

27) Pens and pencils.

28) Markers and highlighters.

29) Scissors.

30) Staplers and staples.

31) Rubber bands.

32) Paper clips.

33) Thumb tacks.

In the craft room / sewing  room / art room:

34) Scrapbooking embellishments, such as stickers, tape, etc.

35) Craft foam.

36) Craft fabric pieces.

37) Stamps and ink pads.

38) Craft wood scraps.

39) Felt scraps.

40) Clay.

41) Chenille wire.

42) Beads.

43) Paint and paintbrushes.

44) Glue guns and glue sticks.

45) Sewing scissors.

46) Sewing notions, such as buttons, thread, thimbles, bobbins, etc.

47) Sewing embellishments like sequins, patches, etc.

48) Yarn.

48) Embroidery floss.

49) Serger thread spools.

50) Crayons.

51) Markers.

52) Pens/pencils.

53) Kids scissors.

54) Popsicle sticks.

55) Glue bottles/glue sticks.

56) Miscellaneous craft supplies and embellishments such as pom poms, googly eyes, paints, paintbrushes and play-dough or clay.

In the kitchen:

57) Pots and pans.

58) Large utensils.

59) Gather and store small utensils like forks and knives using cylindrical containers.

60) Spices.

coffee-beans-618858_960_72061) Coffee beans/grounds.

62) Mugs.

On the deck / patio:

63) Small potted plants.

64) Gardening tools.

In the bathroom:

65) Towels and washcloths.

66) Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

67) Barrettes and hair clips.

68) Cosmetics.

69) Shaving supplies.

70) Miscellaneous grooming products (deodorant, lotion, etc.).

71) Hair styling tools (blow dryer, curling iron, etc.).

72) Small hair tools (brushes and combs).

General and Miscellaneous Home Use:

73) Clothing and accessories.

74) Display pictures on shelves.

75) Display decorative items on shelves.

76) Jewellery (necklaces and bracelets).

77) Mirrors

78) Pictures.

79) Hang keys (perfect near the front door).

80) Bags and backpacks.

81) Purses.

82) Umbrellas.

83) Hats.

84) Small candies.

85) Wine bottles/small wine racks.

Even covering just a small area with slatwall (say, a 3 foot by 5 foot space over your desk) can make a big difference in your ability to store items and stay organized. Imagine how much more desk space you could have! If you’re interested in seeing how slatwall could change the functionality of your home, let Tailored Living come by for a free in-home consultation. You’ll be under no obligation to purchase anything, and you might be pleasantly surprised how little it costs to save your sanity!