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Help… This Crazy Winter Is Killing My Garage Floor!

background-1069924_960_720Who would have predicted that Greater Vancouver would have the kind of winter it did this year? Not that snow is an impossibility here, but the sheer volume we received from North and West Vancouver all the way into the Chilliwack area has been unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary, to say the least. All kinds of old snowfall records were dashed to pieces this year with all of the white stuff that has fallen since December of 2016 until now.

Since it’s now officially spring, our fingers are crossed that we’ll soon see some signs of spring emerging. However, more snow is not out of the question, and even if it doesn’t snow again, we’re in for a wet spring this year. That being said, your garage floor may be taking an extra-hard beating in 2017, so we thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the excellent garage flooring options that Tailored Living offers, which are ideal for life on the Wet West Coast, and how they will protect your cement foundation from all of this moisture.

PremierOne® Floor Coatings: The PremierOne® formula is exclusive to Tailored Living. In other words, you won’t be able to find this product anywhere else. We can’t tell you about the top-secret ingredients in this amazing product, but we can tell you what they will do for your floor: create a continuous, non-porous surface, filling all of those microscopic holes in your concrete and sealing them tight. The process begins with one of our professional installers who will machine-prep the surface of your garage floor. This is a critical part of the installation process because it removes any contaminants (oil spots, stains, dirt, etc.) that might prevent the coating from bonding fully to the concrete.

TL-Before-After-BlogAfter machining, the coating is applied right away so that it is able to sink right into the pores in the concrete, forming a seal that will act as a total barrier between your floor and any stuff that might end up on it, including water, mud and anything else that might get dragged in on your tires. In fact, the exclusive epoxy resin forms a bond that is twice as thick as other floor coatings and which is resistant to spills of all types, like oil, paint and household chemicals. Simply wipe away spills with a soft, dry cloth. No water is typically needed to clean up. Any dry debris can be easily swept away with a soft broom, or, even better, a dust mop (to prevent scratches).

premierone-decorative-texture-steelhead-micro-titleOur PremierOne® Floor Coatings are available in a variety of colors and styles including solid colors (six different ones to choose from) and our most popular Decorative Textures. PremierOne® Decorative Texture coatings come in 18 standard chip color blends. You also have the option of blending colors to create your own custom, one-of-a-kind design floor. You can also choose between ¼ chips or 1/8 inch chips. This seemingly small difference in chip size can actually make a dramatic difference in the appearance,  giving you a garage floor with a truly custom look and feel.

premiertrax-blue-titlePremierTrax Tiles: These easy-installation, no-glue garage floor tiles are semi-permanent and removable. Each tile is made from and 8 percent rubber in a polypropylene mix, making them extremely durable yet also flexible. Not only that, but they are actually ergonomically healthier on feet and knees. Tiles feature an open-weave design which traps dirt and debris. Simply hose away to remove.

Tiles are designed to interlock with one another, so installation is literally as easy as building with Lego. Our professionals can usually install your entire floor in a matter of hours, and you can drive, work or play on your floor as soon as it’s finished. Our PremierTrax tiles come in 18 colors from earth tones to primary colors to bright and contemporary hues. One of the best things about this is that you can choose to create a floor that is one or two colors, or use several colors and create geometric patterns that are totally unique to your home and to whatever suits your garage space. Best of all, these tiles are so well-engineered that we are confident in backing them with a guarantee for as long as you own your home.

Of course, accidents do happen. In the event that a tile does become damaged (say by accidentally dropping a running saw onto the floor), all you have to do is swap out the damaged tile(s) for a brand new one and lock it in place. It is one of the most practical and cost-efficient flooring solutions on the planet, and you can use it in other places too, not just the garage. We have clients who have had PremierTrax installed on decks and patios (it’s totally weather-resistant), in playrooms, bedrooms, rec rooms and basements.

When it comes to water (which is why we are blogging on this topic in the first place), the channels in each tile serve to funnel moisture away from the garage floor’s surface, keeping it dry and safe. You don’t have to worry about skidding or puddles of water collecting on the floor.

Again, cleaning involves simply hosing down the floor periodically. How frequently you’ll need to do this depends on how heavily-used your garage is and what kinds of activities typically go on inside. Aiming for two to four times a year is probably sufficient for most home owners purposes.

Here at Tailored Living, Coquitlam, we truly hope that winter is over too. We’re ready for some spring. We’re also ready to help you solve your garage flooring problems. Spring is a great time to install a new floor, and you’ll be ready not only for the rest of this year’s rainy season,  but also next winter, too. We just hope it’s less white.


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Tailored Living Offers Eco-Friendly Options for Your Home Reno Projects

Tailored Living home organization specialists have access to dozens of suppliers and products so that our designers can provide, literally, hundreds of different options when it comes to closet, home office, pantry, laundry room and garage design.  But many people don’t realized that Tailored Living also offers eco-friendly particleboard, an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cabinet and closet materials.

Tailored Living’s eco-friendly particleboard comes from Roseburg Forest Products, a company that’s committed to viable, sustainable forests and wood products.  Roseburg’s UltraBlend™ Particleboard is made from 100 percent recycled or recovered fiber content, like that which comes from reclaimed wood.  UltraBlend™ has been certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product by Scientific Certification Systems, a label that has been inspiring consumer confidence for more than three decades.

UltraBlend™ Particleboard isn’t just good for the environment.  As a building material, it features a high-quality smooth surface, tight machinable edges and excellent dimensional stability.  UltraBlend™ Particleboard is available with a variety of finishes and looks exactly the same as any traditional type of particleboard once installed and finished.  UltraBlend™ Particleboard can be used in a variety of applications, particularly cabinetry, so it’s an excellent choice for your garage or closet renovation.

Speaking of renovations, there’s still time to take advantage of Tailored Living’s Back-to-School reno special.  In spite of the teacher’s strike that’s taking place here in BC, we’re forging ahead into fall anyway and offering a $200 rebate on your Tailored Living renovation.  Use it toward whatever you like, including a home office/study makeover so your children have a place to do their homework.  This is a limited-time offer, so take advantage of it while it’s still here. Tailored Living offers free in-home estimates, and we’re happy to show you how you can incorporate our green particle board into your project.

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Garage Customization with Premier NX Flooring: A Hardier, Longer-Lasting and More Convenient Garage Floor Alternative


Premier NX Garage Flooring  in Terra Cotta color, shown with car parked on the surface.

Premier NX Garage Flooring in Terra Cotta

For years, epoxy flooring was the first choice of garage owners for flooring.  Epoxy flooring has several advantages, including strong moisture and wear resistance.  The major drawback of epoxy flooring, however, is the extended dry time that is required for it to set completely.  Applying it to a garage floor meant inconvenience to the garage owner, who must wait days or even weeks to be able to use his garage again.


This is the major reason that Tailored Living and its sister company, Premier Garage, has partnered with Sika, a leading building products company, to offer its customers Premier NX garage flooring.  Premier NX gives customers a more convenient alternative to epoxy flooring for the garage.  Not only is it more convenient, the Premier NX modular system gives garage owners a variety of configuration options that will best meet his specific needs.  More importantly, it does not sacrifice the most beneficial qualities of traditional epoxy like durability and moisture and mold-resistance.


In fact, some of the major advantages of Premier NX over other garage flooring materials include:


* A lower maintenance and life cycle cost

* Seamless and impermeable

* Strong resistance to chemicals, such as motor oil, and provides superior protection from chemicals to substrate

* Protects substrate from physical force and blows

* Low odour in comparison to epoxy

* Easy to clean and maintain

* Helps to maintain a sanitary environment

* Sets quickly upon installation


Premier NX Garage Flooring in Smoke colour with design detailing in lighter and darker colors.

Premier NX Garage Flooring in Smoke colour.


The Premier NX flooring system is made up of three different but compatible materials.  These three materials can be put together in any combination and are typically tailored according to the needs of the building, room and owner.  Factors that are typically considered when creating a unique combination including foot traffic, mechanical wear, environmental conditions (temperature, moisture levels) chemical and slip resistance.


Premier NX flooring is often used in institutional buildings, such as schools and health care facilities, where sanitation is crucial, foot traffic is heavy and flooring is subject to force and heavy wear.  Its application in garages was also realized, since garage floors are subject to sudden and strong forces and heavy wear, and are often exposed to a variety of chemical substances, including caustic ones.  It is for these reasons that Tailored Living and Premier Garage partnered with Sika to bring this unique flooring system into the home garage renovation business.


In controlled testing, Premier NX flooring demonstrated a tensile strength of 6500 psi and a bond strength of 500 psi.  It also maintained a Hardness Shore D rating of 75.


Premier NX Garage Floor Coating in Scottsdale color/design, shown up close with detail.

Premier NX Garage Floor Coating in Scottsdale color/design, shown up close.