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Closet Dreams: Top Seven Closet Mods Moms Must Have

TL walk_in_closet2_organization_by_tailored_livingWe hope all you Moms had a beautiful Mother’s Day this past Sunday and that you got spoiled by your kids and grandchildren. There’s no one else on earth who can fill your shoes, but if you’re a Mom whose shoes fill most of your closet, we have the right solution for you. After all, doesn’t every girl dream of having a walk-in closet with a mirror, dressing room lighting, room for a hundred pairs of shoes (or more), and a section for every season of clothing?

For a lot of women, the ultimate walk-in closet is but a dream. However, no matter what size her closet is, it CAN be tailored to meet some of those personal dreams. In honor of Mother’s Day, we have decided to dedicate this post to all of those Moms out there who tirelessly give of themselves to make sure that their children and grandchildren are cared for and loved unconditionally. However, these mods are really for ladies of any age, with or without children. Check out the top seven closet mods that Tailored Living installs in women’s closets:

1) Shoe shelves: Shoes are an obsession that most guys will just never understand. Just because she already has ten pairs of black shoes doesn’t mean she doesn’t need another black pair because they’re all different and they all have very different purposes, right girls? However, accumulating shoes can eventually become a problem because you only have so much floor space in your closet, and even over-the-door shoe holders fill up fast. That’s why Mom will love Tailored Living’s shoe shelves. Individual shelves tiltshoe fence downward so that you can easily see what’s on it, even if it’s up high. A built-in fence keeps shoes from sliding off. Each shelf typically holds two to four pairs of shoes, but the design can be adjusted to accommodate more or less, depending on how much space you have to work with in your closet.

spiral-shoe-rack2) Spiral shoe rack: An alternative to the shoe shelf, the spiral shoe rack can hold up to 25 pairs of shoes. Shoes hang from specialized hooks on a spinning carousel device so they’re not only easy to access, they retain their shape better.

3) Pull-out mirror: A full-length mirror is mounted on a sliding rack. This allows her to pull out the mirror when she needs it. It slides back against the wall or inside a cabinet, depending on how it’s mounted, so that it doesn’t take up space when it’s not in use.

4) Spiral clothing rack: It’s kind of like having her own personal shopping boutique right in her closet! The spiral clothing rack allows for hanging up of typical clothing items, like dresses, and is ideal for funky closet corners where space might otherwise simply be wasted.

5) Custom drawer dividers: These are really simple and inexpensive to install, yet they ACC0 make a big difference when it comes to maximizing space and efficiency. Drawer dividers ensure that small items like socks, undergarments and accessories don’t get all mixed up in her drawers.

accessory hook6) Accessory hooks: This is another simple mod that can make Mom’s closet SO much more organized. Tailored Living’s accessory hooks come in a variety of shapes and configurations, and they are ideal for things like necklaces, scarves, hats, belts, purses and many other small to medium-size items.

7) Valet rod: Yet another simple and relatively inexpensive closet mod that is perfect for the working professional. It’s a clothing rod that’s housed in a track mounted on the side valet rodof cabinet or shelf. It takes up virtually no space when not in use. To use, she simply pulls the rod out. There’s just enough room to hang up tomorrow’s outfit so she doesn’t have to waste time hunting for it in the morning.

These seven closet mods are only a very small sampling of the incredibly-useful ones that Tailored Living installs in closets every single week. And don’t worry, Tailored Living can transform the guy’s closet, too. You can view some of the closets we’ve transformed and check out the accessories that can make your closet fabulous on our closet customization page.

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Savvy Closet Organization Tips for Fall

Try as you might to hang on to summer, soon you’ll have to throw a sweater on over your shirt to stay warm.  Hopefully you’ll still be able to find all the sweaters and boots that you packed away last spring.  Tailored Living has some suggestions that will help you get your closet organized for the upcoming autumn season, and will also help ensure that when it comes time to dig out those shorts and bathing suits again in time for next summer, you’ll know exactly where to look.

* Pack summer clothes into water-resistant containers/boxes.  Since you probably don’t have the luxury of a different closet for every season, make more room in the one you do have by storing summer clothing for the fall/winter season.  Tailored Living suggests heavy-duty plastic tote boxes/bins with lids that clamp or snap down.  This will keep bugs and moths out, and water too, just in case of an accidental leak or flood.

A blue, heavy duty plastic storage bin

* Label your boxes.  You can print labels from your home computer/printer, or just write them by hand (no need to get fancy).  This way you’ll know what’s inside without having to open the box.  This will be especially handy if you have many boxes/bins that are the same, or you have to store your bins on a high shelf.

* Take this opportunity to get rid of clothing you no longer need/wear.  Pack up items and donate them to a local charity if they’re still in good condition.

* Organize clothing by type.  Hang shirts together in one section, pants/skirts in another.  This will cut down on the time it takes to hunt for a particular article of clothing.

A woman organizes clothing by type in her Tailored Living closet

* Give your closet a cleaning.  You probably don’t vacuum your closet floor regularly, especially if it is covered with shoes and other things.  Take a few minutes to pull out items on the closet floor and sweep or vacuum.

* Don’t forget your kids’ closets!  The same suggestions apply to their closets as to your own.  But one additional thing you should think about when organizing your child’s closet is the growth factor.  Kids grow from year to year and can even experience significant growth with the passage of a single season. So while you are transitioning them from their summer wardrobe to their Fall one, make sure they haven’t outgrown their clothing from last year.  Pull out anything that no longer fits and add it to your “donate” pile.

A picture of a Tailored Living children's closet

Perhaps you’ll find while you’re organizing your closet for Fall that you actually need an entire closet overhaul.  Tailored Living has hundreds of closet organization solutions, from small accessories like valet rods and belt hooks to pull-out mirrors and built in drawers and sliding bins.  Tailored Living can make any closet, even small, apartment-sized ones, more efficient, organized and easier to live with.

Check out some of our favourite closet mods.