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Never Let These Four Awkward Spaces Get the Best of You and Your Home Ever Again

Custom Walk-In Closet by Tailored Living

Custom Walk-In Closet by Tailored Living

Tailored Living was founded on the idea of making the most efficient use of available space in the home. Buying a bigger home or expanding one’s current home is not a viable option for most people, most of the time, and here in Greater Vancouver, expanding is often not possible due to small lot sizes and strict community by-laws. This is where Tailored Living shines. You don’t have to move or expand to get more space. You just need the space that you do have to work harder and better for you, and that includes “awkward spaces” just like these four:

Alcoves: This design feature was popular in new home builds in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. These voids or recesses in walls were usually used merely for showcasing artwork, photos or decorative pieces. However, with urban and even suburban lots getting smaller and tighter, the focus of many new builds has shifted to maximizing space, and alcoves are waning in popularity. Maybe you live in one of those older homes with an alcove and it’s starting to feel like nothing more than wasted space that needs constant dusting. Tailored Living can work with alcoves and wall recesses of all sizes and transform them into functional spaces like shelves, drawers or cupboards. Larger recesses can even be outfitted with a Murphy bed that can be used for overnight guests.

Sloped ceilings and non-square walls: These are common with homes built up to the 1980’s, especially in Vancouver. Even some modern homes have them. While there is something nostalgic about them, they also present some very frustrating design and space challenges.

Don’t resign yourself to wasted space when it comes to these design and space challenges. There are lots of ways to make use of these areas in the home and create more storage space and even multi-functional spaces (like storage plus home office space).

Closet corners: Tailored Living built its reputation on efficient closets that make maximum use of minimal space, which includes those funky but unavoidable corners. Closet corners in a standard-build closet are wasted space. Tailored Living uses insider tricks of the trade and uncommonly-clever accessories and gadgets to make those corners usable, practical and able to store more than you probably imagined. This goes for any and all closets in your home, whether it’s a bedroom, hallway or utility closet.


Photo: Nicola Betts

Under-the-stairs and other non-standard room shapes and sizes: You understand this struggle if you have stairs in your home. Many people just give up on these areas. Others use them as storage for random items that, hopefully, they won’t need to use very often because once stuff has been placed underneath they’ll be next to impossible to access again. Tailored Living has put some very unique and creative ideas to work with under-the-stairs spaces, even turning one client’s awkward space into a charming display area for some family heirlooms.

Floating shelves by Tailored Living with tea pots on display

One client’s creative use for space under the stairs.

So what’s the moral of this story? Don’t give up! You might be pleasantly surprised how hard we can get these awkward areas to work for you. All we need is about 20 minutes of your time. We can drop by for a free consultation and we can create plans based on your specific needs that show your awkward space in three-dimensions so you’ll be able to see exactly what your frustrating spaces can become with a bit of know-how.