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Why Tailored Living Metal and Stainless Steel Garage Cabinets Are the Best of the Best

metal garage cabinets with carMetal garage cabinetry offers some excellent benefits, not the least of which is aesthetic value. They look amazingly contemporary and lend themselves to a variety of design styles and concepts. In addition to being exceptionally good-looking, metal and stainless steel garage cabinets offer more durability than traditional cabinet materials like engineered wood. If you’re planning to update your garage and you’re looking for lasting value, or you’re selling your home and want to get a leg up on other home sellers in your neighbourhood, steel is the way to go.

metal3 cabinet lockingOf course, there are lots of options out there in metal cabinetry, including over-the-counter cookie-cutter models. However, there is a reason why Tailored Living has chosen its industry-tough product as part of its garage cabinet lineup. Actually, there are several reasons why our product beats every other competitor’s product on the market:

* Fully-welded 18-gauge steel frames provide superior support for cabinets, accessories and contents.

* Double-walled steel doors provide a barrier between contents and the elements, like wet Lower Mainland weather. Locks come standard, so you can store valuable content inside and not worry about security.

* Optional under-cabinet LED lighting available with integrated valance so you get light wherever you need it, whether it’s for working on that hobby project or spotlighting your favourite sports memorabilia.

* Two different options for countertop/workbenches: bamboo or stainless steel. Either choice will last for years and stand up to wear and repeated use (even blows from tools).

* Convenient cut-outs in base cabinets for cables and electrical cords.

* Option of steel legs or casters for floor cabinets.

* A variety of cabinet choices designed for functionality: sporting equipment, tools or multi-use.

* High quality powder coat finish provides superior scratch and stain resistance plus easy clean up.

* Because Tailored Living installs its cabinets using its own, dedicated and trained contractors, it is able to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of its metal cabinets. You won’t find a guarantee like this from a big box chain store.

When you purchase cabinets (steel or otherwise) over-the-counter, more often than not it’s like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. It might fit, sort of, but you’ll always know by the gaps and cabinet doors that open in the wrong direction that it wasn’t made for your particular space. Custom garage cabinets made for your exact dimensions ensure that you get the best possible use of the space that you have. No awkward gaps, no empty corners, just efficient and durable storage for your lifestyle.

metal10 tall cabinet

Wonder how stainless steel cabinets might transform your garage from utilitarian to actual living space? Request a free consultation, where you can see in three dimensions the possibilities.