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Are You Ready for the Flood?

flooded garage with minivan inside

Hurricane Harvey nearly swallowed up this family’s minivan which sat inside the garage.

The back-to-back hurricanes over the last two months have produced some horrifying still images and video footage. This time-lapse video of a residential garage in Houston, TX slowly filling up with water during Hurricane Harvey in August chilled the bones of millions of homeowners. The 19-minute video begins with family members, in anticipation of flooding, taking steps to protect the contents of their garage by elevating them. Using collapsible tables, they moved items presumably stored on the floor or below table-height to the table tops. They are also seen stashing some items inside the family vehicle in an effort to protect them.

It’s not long afterward that floodwaters begin to breach the closed door of the garage. Water surges in, and then for a short time it appears as though the water has crested and all of the items on the tables are spared from water damage. As it turned out, this was only the calm before the real storm. Over the next several hours, depicted in just a few minutes of time-lapse video, the water steadily rises. Eventually, it covers the tops of the tables that the homeowners had so carefully placed their possessions on, and everything on them either sinks or floats. By the time the flood waters crest inside the garage, the water’s surface reaches the height of the vehicle’s tail lights before beginning to recede. Undoubtedly at least a little bit of that water entered the vehicle, so that even the things stored inside didn’t escape the water.

These homeowners did the right thing by removing stored items from the floor. However they clearly underestimated just how big the upcoming flood was going to be. Still, it’s likely that many of the items inside the garage, although waterlogged, probably survived the flood, and a good, thorough drying-out is all they needed afterward to salvage them.

dodge viper flood

A 2016 Dodge Viper narrowly misses becoming submerged in a residential garage flood.

What probably suffered most was the actual structure of the garage: flooring, framing, walls, possibly even the foundation, depending on what shape it was in before the flood and how long it was exposed to flooding conditions. Some of the worst damage that can occur is often the kind you can’t see until it’s too late: mold. While, in time, the interior and exterior walls may look as though they have recovered, mold can grow in the spaces in between. If not found and treated early, mold will continue to grow and spread.

You can find some great advice on inspecting your walls for mold at Mold Advisor. If you do discover mold in your own garage or home, you must be very careful in how you treat it. If there is only a little bit, you may be able to treat it on your own. If it has spread to more than about a square foot, it’s best to call in a mold remediation specialist. They will be able to ensure that it hasn’t spread to other locations and also know best how to remove it without releasing potentially harmful mold spores into the air (which can spread mold to other parts of the home AND may cause health problems for people and pets).

Other signs of water damage tend to be fairly obvious, although they may take weeks, months or longer to become apparent. Signs include (but are not limited to) water stains, cracks (in walls, floors, etc), buckling of walls or floors, obvious wet spots that don’t dry out with sufficient time (drywall, in spite of its name, can take a long time to thoroughly dry out), warping or crumbling drywall, soft or sunken spots in the floor that weren’t present before flooding, or splitting in wood.

Thankfully, here in BC we are at much lower risk for catastrophic flooding than the hurricane-prone south, southeast and eastern seaboard parts of the US. Tidal waves are a remote possibility here. However, the more likely flooding scenarios to occur in the Lower Mainland would result from extensive rainfall, something that is definitely within the realm of possibility here. Almost all of Richmond and Delta as well as parts of Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission and Abbotsford lie within the floodplain. While there have only been a couple of major floods in the last 125 years, there is a 30 percent chance that the Lower Mainland will experience a major flood sometime in the next 50 years.

There have been a number of “minor” floods in recent decades, usually resulting from storms with heavy rainfall. The Lower Mainland is well-equipped for some flooding in many areas, but even the extensive dike system found throughout the region can only hold back so much water.


PremierTrax garage floor tile in Techno Green.

We aren’t flood experts here at Tailored Living, but we are acutely aware of the strong possibility of water damage occurring within the Lower Mainland. It is one of homeowners’ biggest concerns when building or remodeling their garage. Fortunately, Tailored Living carries a number of products that are ideal for withstanding potential flooding conditions. Our garage flooring is one great example. All of our PremierOne® floor coatings are industrial grade hybrid polymer sealants and created to withstand a variety of challenging conditions, including water damage and extremes in temperatures. Our heavy-duty, durable PremierTrax garage floor tiles are also impervious to water damage and can be easily removed, should you have a flood where repairs are necessary, and then put back into place.

We live here too, as do our carpenters and other staff, so it’s important to us that we carry and install products that we confidently use in our own homes, and which we know will stand up to the kinds of weather conditions unique to Greater Vancouver. We would be honored to come in and show you how we can help you make your home or garage more efficient and organized.



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Make Tailored Living a Part of Your Weekend

With spring now fully underway, all three Lower Mainland Tailored Living dealerships are bustling with spring projects. There is just something about spring that makes people want to tackle those areas of their home that they have given up on or long been frustrated with. These days, we’re finding ourselves working on a lot of closet projects as well as garage reboots. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about tackling your own spring reno projects, just remember that spring is one of the best times of year for such projects. The weather is nice, not too hot, and conditions are optimal for tasks like painting (and drying paint afterward) and dry walling.

We wanted to be sure to make mention of the fact that Mike and Laura Pachal of Tailored Living, Coquitlam, will be at the Ridge Meadows Home Show this weekend. It takes place at Planet Ice in Maple Ridge, and it is the largest home show in greater Vancouver. It runs May 1 – 3 and hours are listed on the Ridge Meadows Home Show website. Admission is $4 per person or $7 per family, making it a really inexpensive outing with lots of things to see, sample and taste.

In light of the upcoming Ridge Meadows Home Show, we thought it would be a good time to highlight one of our popular flooring products, which you can view samples of at the show. Our PremierTrax garage flooring tiles really must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. These extremely tough tiles are ideal for the garage, where so much heavy-duty activity takes place. In fact, they’re actually tough enough to park an airplane on, if anyone happens to keep one in their garage. They are an excellent alternative to more traditional and permanent types of flooring for a few reasons. First, they’re quick and easy to install, no epoxy required: just snap together and place. No glue or paint means zero drying time. You can park on your PremierTrax tiles as soon as they are installed.

PremierFlex garage floor tiles in black, red and gray, arranged in pattern

PremierFlex tiles can be arranged in an endless number of patterns

Best of all, they come in several different colors and styles. To top it off, different colors can be mixed together to form an endless number of unique patterns and designs so no two garage floors ever have to look alike. You can check out some samples at the home show, so be sure to stop by and visit Mike and Laura at the Tailored Living/Premier Garage booth this weekend. Check out the Ridge Meadows Home Show website for more info about exhibitors, events and show times. For more info on PremierTrax and Tailored Living’s other great garage flooring products, visit our garage flooring page.

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How to Host a Summertime Garage Party

Hosting a casual neighbourhood “garage party” is a great way to establish relationships with the people who live around you. According to the Pew Research Group, only four out of ten people know who their neighbours are. While this is a US statistic, it is presumably similar in the typical Canadian neighbourhood.

“So what?” you might say. Well, here’s some food for thought:

* Neighbourhoods where residents know each other are less likely to become targets of property crime. This is because neighbours who know each other, even if they’ve only met or interacted once or twice, are more likely to look out for each other’s property and report suspicious activity in the area to police.

* A University of Missouri study suggests that knowing your neighbours is good for your health. The study found, among other things, that people who said that their neighbours could be trusted tended to report better health than less trusting souls. (Psychology Today- online. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/minding-the-body/201109/trust-your-neighbor-boost-your-health.)  Additionally, a University of Minnesota study  found that older adults who have had a stroke have a better survival rate if they have a “cohesive neighbourhood” as defined by neighbour interactions. The incidence of strokes did not differ but survival rate did. (Southwest Washington Zest. http://www.southwestwashingtonzest.com/2012/06/knowing-your-neighbors-can-save-your-life-9-ways-to-get-to-get-neighborly/.)

* Neighbours who are familiar with each other are more likely to offer assistance in an emergency, like Michael J. Daly, who opened his door in the middle of one snowy night to find his neighbour standing in the yard in her pajamas, kids in tow. Their carbon monoxide detector had gone off and the family needed immediate shelter and a phone. (CT Post. http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Michael-J-Daly-The-benefits-of-knowing-your-4283268.php.)

* Neighbours who know each other readily pitch in for all kinds of things, like collecting each other’s mail, feeding and caring for pets and mowing lawns when one is out of town.

* What home owner doesn’t need to borrow a hammer from time to time or need help moving something heavy? These are perfect instances for calling on neighbours for a hand, and neighbours who know each other will be more willing to assist.

Throwing a summertime garage party is a simple but effective way to facilitate the meeting of neighbours. Socializing in the garage is often seen as very casual and, therefore, less threatening for those who might be inclined to turn down a dinner party invitation. All you have to do is put out the word, throw some beer in the fridge, lift the garage door and the party’s in session.

Need to update your garage before you throw that neighbourhood mixer? Tailored Living has some excellent tips and suggestions for improving the space in your garage and making it, among other things, party-ready:

1) Personalize your garage with custom cabinetry. Tailored Living offers a variety of styles and finishes that will complement any and all tastes. Not only will your garage look fantastic, you’ll be a lot more organized.

2) Refresh the look of your garage floor.  Tailored Living offers SwissTrax floor covering options as well as Premier NX floor coatings in a range of colors and designs to freshen up the look of your garage AND protect your foundation.

3) Remove dangerous materials. Before you invite guests in, make sure tools, sharp items and poisonous chemicals and fluids are put away, either on high shelves or in cabinets.

4) Provide a walkway or clear path in the garage. It’s hard to socialize when you have to step over boxes and bicycles. Move things off to the side or outside temporarily, hang them or put them on shelves or in cabinets.

Go door to door with invitations or simply put up flyers in common areas of your neighbourhood to let people know you’re having a garage party. There are few better ways to break the ice amongst neighbours and make your neighbourhood a better, healthier, safer place to live.

PremierFlex flooring by Swisstrax in Racing Red, Jet Black and Silver.

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PremierFlex Flooring Modules: Another Great Garage Flooring Solution

Earlier this month we blogged about Premier NX flooring.  In keeping with a garage flooring theme, we’re introducing you to another fabulous garage flooring product.  PremierFlex floor tiles by Swisstrax are another excellent option for covering your garage floor, and they offer several advantages over other types of flooring for high traffic, high impact areas like the garage.


PremierFlex Flooring image

PremierFlex Floor Tiles in Arctic White, Pearl Silver and Slate Gray

PremierFlex is a modular flooring system.  Its quick and simple installation is one of the things that has made it a popular choice for finishing a garage floor.  Unlike other types of flooring, there is no wait time after installation.  Nothing has to dry, set or cure, and you can use it immediately after installation.


PremierFlex modular flooring is ideal for the garage because of its durability.  Individual tiles are flexible enough to ensure ease of installation and to absorb the weight of a vehicle, but rigid enough to provide superior strength.  Some of the characteristics of PremierFlex by Swisstrax flooring include:

*  Temperature tolerances of -22F + 248F.

* Compressive strength 5120 psi and rollover strength greater than 40,000 pounds.

* Resistant to chemical corrosion, including chemicals such as gasoline and battery acid.

* Easy to clean and maintain.

* Is not slippery when wet.

* Won’t get marked by hot tires.

* Contains more material per square foot than other types of flooring, ensuring durability.


PremierFlex Flooring image

PremierFlex Floor Tiles in Racing Red, Pearl Silver and Jet Black


Many garage enthusiasts are familiar with Jay Leno’s famous garage.  At over 17,000 square feet, it houses Leno’s collection of antique cars and motorcycles, over 100 in total.  Leno became an instant fan of Swisstrax after having to replace his epoxy flooring several times over the course of a few months.  He’s having great success with his Swisstrax flooring these days and is quick to advocate for the product.


Tailored Living has a diverse selection of PremierFlex flooring modules to choose from.  With a wide range of colours, our garage makeover team can match any existing décor.  Or, we can help remodel your garage from floor to ceiling and help coordinate your Swisstrax flooring with the rest of your garage upgrades.

PremierFlex floor tiles image

PremierFlex Floor Tiles in Mocha, Java and Ivory