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How to Extend the Life of the Foods in Your Pantry

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extendable-counter-surfaceIn part one of this two-part series, we looked at some tips for keeping pantry foods fresher for longer. This week we have a few more tips to offer you, as well as some professional pantry design advice.

arrow-bulletControl and maintain the temperature in your pantry at its optimal level. If you’re able to keep your pantry at a different temperature from the rest of your house, set it between 60 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 and 20 degrees Celsius (a little below average room temperature). Once you’ve set the temp, leave it at that level year-round and keep the door closed to help maintain it.

If you don’t have temperature control over specific areas of your home, room temperature is adequate for storing foods in the pantry. Just keep all of the previous tips in mind regarding proper packaging, and make sure you keep the door closed and lights off, and try to keep sunlight from getting into it.

arrow-bulletDesignate a spot for specific items. Every type of food should have its proper place. Create whatever kind of system works for you and your needs, and then make sure those who live with you know where everything belongs. You can even label shelves if that helps. This will help you keep your pantry tidy and find things quickly. (This is not to say that things have to be organized that way forever. You can always rearrange things as your needs change.)

arrow-bulletConsider installing specialized storage systems. Shelves are not always “one size fits all” in terms of the types of things people typically store in their pantries. Drawers, pull-out baskets and pull-out racks  are ideal for storing certain types of foods, such as spice jars (which tend to get jumbled up and disorganized or even broken when sitting on a shelf). A customized system of organization makes your pantry easier to work with, and in, as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

Tailored Living pantries are not just known for their good looks and impeccable style. Not only does Tailored Living have a diverse variety of products available to meet a range of storage needs, but the products have been designed with best storage practices in mind. Just look at a few of the things that can be incorporated into your custom pantry:

Pull-out baskets are great for foods like potatoes that don’t need to be stored in the refrigerator. They’re also useful for holding canned goods. Just pull out the basket and you can see at a quick glance what’s inside, even the things that are in the back row.potatoes-in-pantry






These acrylic inserts are ideal for keeping wine fresh in your pantry.

Lucite wine pyramids are perfect for storing a selection of holiday wines

Lucite wine pyramids are perfect for storing a variety of wines

Or, if you prefer….

Sliding wine racks in chrome by Tailored Living.

This slide-out rack also makes wine storage a breeze.

This smaller slide-out rack was just made for spice jars and other smaller food items that you need to be able to see at a glance.

Spice up your holidays and your pantry with slide-out racks

Tailored Living is North America’s premier pantry remodeling expert. Our professional contractors and storage experts can take any space, any size, and turn it into a workable and efficient customized pantry that is made just to fit your lifestyle.




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