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Is Your Garage Game-Ready?

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good-game-1540547NFL and NHL seasons are both well underway and you’ve probably already decided, if not betted on, who is going to come out on top. With so much at stake, game day is very important in your house. But what happens when there’s a conflict between the big game on TV and your wife’s movie night with the girls?

If you have a garage, you already have a Man Cave. It might need a little fixing up, but it won’t take much to make it game-ready. In just a few days to a couple of weeks’ time, Tailored Living can come in and transform your garage into a space that’s perfect for entertaining the guys while watching the game. Not only that, but we can make sure it’s still a functional storage space for your tools, sports equipment, automotive accessories and, of course, your vehicle.

Here are a few design features and accessories you might want to incorporate when getting your garage game-ready:

1) Big-screen TV: That’s pretty much a given! The bigger, the better.garage man cave Tailored_Living_Garage_717_edit (1).jpg

2) Refrigerator: A full-size refrigerator or a mini-fridge will be perfect for keeping beer and soft drinks cold. If you opt for a full-size fridge, it can also serve as a second fridge for the overflow from your kitchen refrigerator. Or, you can just buy more beer.

3) Pantry: Why not a pantry in the garage? It will be perfect for keeping your game-day snacks right at hand. Plus it’s perfect for stocking extra canned and dry goods for your home.

4) Sink: A built-in garage sink is ultra-convenient, not just for entertaining the guys, but also for washing your hands after working on the car or a building project.

5) Microwave: Built-in or countertop, it means that heating and reheating snacks is one more thing you won’t have to go all the way back to the kitchen to do,

beer-in-fridge6) Bar/mini-bar: Be the drink master of your domain with a custom built-in bar. Even if your garage is smaller, we can still find away to fit a bar in so that you don’t miss anything when you’re mixing drinks.

7) Gaming: Whether it’s the latest in electronic gaming systems or an old-school pool or ping-pong table, you’ll have something the pass the time during commercial breaks.

The brilliant designers at Tailored Living can come up with a design that not only works with the space that you have, but also incorporates personalized design elements that reflect your individual taste. With dozens of finishes and flooring ideas, Tailored Living can create a one-of-a-kind space for you to host your next big game viewing party.



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