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8 Things You Might Not Know About Tailored Living (And Even Might Surprise You)

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"Traditional" Garage Cabinets by Tailored Living

Sometimes our customers are surprised to learn some things about Tailored Living that they won’t necessarily find on our home page. We thought it was worth pointing out a few of them, because they all play a role in the overall quality of our work and the exceptional customer service that we provide. They are a big part of what sets us apart from our competition.

1) There’s a catalog on our website. It’s a virtual catalog, not a paper one, but it IS a catalog, with “pages” that you can “turn” using your cursor. The Tailored Living Design Catalog is full of great ideas that are in addition to the ones on our regular website pages. It just might inspire you to get that project you’ve been thinking about underway.

2) We have a Tailored Living e-newsletter too. . Sign up and get the very latest on Tailored Living deals, special offers and brand new products.

3) We are members of Professional Organizers of Canada (POC)(https://www.organizersincanada.com/). Not only does it give us some street cred, it’s one Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)more assurance to our clients that we are committed to high standards of service and quality.

cafeteria_005.jpg4) We do more than residential. Need a more efficient work space at the office? A custom closet/locker area for your staff room? We can give your workplace the same kind of streamlining and functional efficiency as we offer our residential customers. Check out our “Commercial Spaces” page

5) We do more than closets, garages, laundry rooms and pantries. We can do custom entertainment centers, turn your spare room into a dual-purpose bedroom and office, and much more. View some of these ideas on the Tailored Living “More Spaces” page.

6) We have franchises in five provinces. Besides BC, you can find Tailored Living in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

7) There’s lots of room for more! If you love organization, interior design, working with your hands or just find the idea of owning your own business appealing, check out Tailored Living’s franchise opportunities.

The Tailored Living Design Process8) Our 3D design program is proprietary. You won’t find this piece of software used anywhere else but with your Tailored Living specialist. The program is called “D’Vinci” and lets you see what your design will look like in three dimensions before construction begins. It gives our customers a much clearer idea than a one-dimensional design, ensuring that you will get exactly the configuration you want, with no post-construction surprises.


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