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10 Home Maintenance Jobs to Do During a Vancouver Summer

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Naturally, we at Tailored Living are constantly thinking home improvement: how to do it better and more efficiently and how to make sure we meet all of the needs of our customers. Consequently, we thought it might be helpful to share this compilation with you of ten household maintenance tasks that are best completed during the summer months:

Paint roller with grey paint painting wall

Photo by Pasi Pitkanen

1) Painting, especially exterior. While we have had exceptionally nice weather this spring, generally it is impossible to count on more than a few rain-free days in a row at any other time of year here except summer. Of course, nothing will spoil a fresh outdoor paint job than a Vancouver rainfall, so take advantage of July and August’s great weather to paint your home’s exterior. Indoor painting can be done year-round, but summer time is an ideal time because you can throw open the windows so paint dries faster and any lingering smell gets dissipated quickly. Retailers of paint are more apt to have better deals on paint during the summer months, including lots of 2-for-1 paint can sales.

2) Cleaning window tracks and frames. Mold in window tracks is a huge problem in Greater Vancouver, but there isn’t much sense cleaning those tracks and frames in, say, November, because they will never dry thoroughly afterward. Without a good cleaning and thorough drying, they’ll just grow moldy all over again. Instead, wait until there are a few consecutive days of sunny weather in the forecast and clean window tracks and frames. Throw open the windows afterward and keep them open for as long as it takes for them to dry thoroughly. The drier they get, the longer they’ll remain mold-free.

3) Wash exterior windows. Again, wait until only sunshine is predicted for a few straight days and then wash the outside of all your windows

an old water heater, white, mounted on wall

Photo by David Cramer

4) Flush your water heater. Did you even know that this is a thing? A lot of home owners don’t, and many have never flushed their water tanks. Periodic flushing keeps sediment from building up inside, consequently preventing it from getting from tank to water tap and into your hot bath or drinking water. Once a year to once every two years is a good recommended schedule for this task, although you should consult your owner’s manual in case their recommendations are different.

5) Have your furnace checked. Most people only think about doing this in the fall when they’re getting ready to turn on the heat for the cold season, or when they turn it on and find out something has broken over the months of non-use. By then, your local furnace guy will be booked up for weeks. Catch him in the summer, and you’ll be able to get much faster service. You might even get a better deal.


6) Clean out the garage. Give floors a good sweeping and mopping, re-organize any clutter that has been accumulating over the past year. Clean windows (if there are any) and make sure your garage door is in good working order.

7) Take care of your deck. Power wash the entire deck. Re-paint or re-stain if necessary (it will dry in no time in the summer sun).

8) Clean out gutters. By summer they will likely be filled with leaves, cottonwood fluff and all kinds of other outdoor debris. Summer is the easiest time to remove this stuff because it won’t be soaked and laden down with rain water.

9) Check exterior drains. Outdoor drains tend to get very plugged up due to all the rain we get in the lower mainland. Remove debris by hand that you can see. You should have your drains inspected and deep cleaned periodically to get out all the debris that you can’t see with your eyes and reach with your hands. Some companies even have small waterproof cameras which can be sent down a drain, giving you an accurate picture of what is actually down there.

Security door on a home10) Check your home security system. Summer time usually means vacation time, which means many houses sitting empty for days or weeks. It’s important to have your home adequately protected while you’re away, but you’re only protected as well as your system is working.

Need help with summertime garage organization? Or is it time to upgrade your closet, pantry, entryway or home office? Visit Tailored Living and book a free in-home consultation.


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