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PremierTrax Garage Floor Tiles – Not Just for the Garage!

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TL_GarageFloor12-2 premiertraxWe’ve blogged before about Tailored Living/Premier Garage’s PremierTrax floor tiles. Our customers love to use these in the garage because they offer an extra layer of protection over any existing garage floor and they can be installed in a matter of hours. Unlike applying a floor coating, PremierTrax requires no setting or curing and, therefore, no waiting. You can walk, park and play on your flexible floor tiles right away. Of course, they look amazing too!

The vast majority of PremierTrax installations that we do are in garages. However, we don’t want this amazing product to be put inside a box, metaphorically speaking anyway. PremierTrax tiles can be used just about anywhere in the home. Because they are so durable, tough and shock-absorbent, they make an especially smart choice for areas like:

1) The deck or the patio. These weather-resistant tiles are as great for outdoor use as for indoor. They’ll stand up to heavy patio furniture, your barbecue grill, bicycles, children’s toys and play equipment (even swing sets and jungle gyms!) and anything else you keep or use outdoors.

2) The playroom. Children can be hard on flooring, but PremierTrax will stand up to anything a kid can dish out. No worries about scratching or denting from toys, and bigger toys and playsets won’t leave dents.

3) Children’s bedrooms. For all of the same reasons as described for playrooms, PremierTrax can also be used in children’s bedrooms. Cover all of the floor, or only part with these handy tiles. It’s ideal for placement of heavy furniture, even bunk beds and desks.

4) Outbuildings / workshops. PremierTrax is an excellent option for outbuildings with only the concrete foundation for flooring. Just like in kids’ bedrooms, it will stand up to the weight and wear of heavy equipment, engines, vehicles, lawn mowers and anything else that fits in your workshop, even a small airplane!workshop-1233458

5) Pool deck: PremierTrax floor tiles may be your pool’s new best friend. Its natural grip surface will help prevent slips and falls. It is durable enough to safely place patio furniture on it, and its grooves allow water to drain right through for an always-dry surface that won’t ripple, peel or crack.

6) Pool house / pool pump room. While you’re at it, lay some tiles down in your pool house or pump room too!

PremierTrax can be cut fit any size, shape or configuration. Because these tiles are interlocking and installed by laying over an existing floor, they can actually be removed as easily as they are installed. They can be reused when you move or moved to another area of your home if desired. Compared to other types of flooring they are inexpensive and incredibly versatile, with potential applications all over your home and yard. With dozens of different colors to choose from, you can mix and match colors and create unique configurations for a floor that is different from anyone else’s.

TL_GarageFloor12-2 premier trax double grg



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