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The 12-Month Home Maintenance Calendar: How NOT to Forget 1001 Things That Need Doing in Your Home

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to-do-1156681If you’re a home-owner then you know that home ownership necessitates the completion of a seemingly endless list of tasks. The daily ones, like sweeping the floor, are easy to remember. After all, it doesn’t take long before dust bunnies can be seen skittering around the room.

However, there are also many tasks that must be done just a few times each year or even only once per year. Those tasks are easier to forget, and their neglect may only become obvious when something breaks down. Forgetting to change the air filter on your furnace may be little more than a minor nuisance, but forgetting to test the batteries in your smoke detector could prove to be deadly. It’s always in your best interest to keep up with those little home maintenance tasks, and a 12-month home maintenance calendar can help you with this.

No two households’ calendars are going to look the same, although most will have a lot of tasks in common (like testing the smoke detector). Additionally, while the method of setting up and following a maintenance calendar will be similar across the board, the mode will vary from home owner to home owner, based largely on your personal preferences. A 12-month home maintenance calendar can take paper form or digital form. Do whatever works best for your own situation. No matter which you choose, here’s how you do it:

1) List your tasks. This will take a bit of thought. Look around your home. (Physically walking into each room as you do this can be very helpful.) Write (or enter) each task that must completed on a periodic basis and how often that task should be done and what time of month/year. Try to be specific and pick an actual date (as opposed to saying “some time in May.”) Here is an example:

Change furnace filter – once per year – October 1
Test smoke detectors – once per month – the first day of each month
Organize garage – once per year – first Saturday in April
Clean out and organize kids’ closets – once per year – first Sunday of September
Clean grout in showers/tubs – once per year – first Saturday in February
Go through earthquake kit and replace outdated/expired items – twice per year – last Sunday of May and last Sunday of November

Note as many as you can remember on your list. You’ll probably end up adding more things to the list as you remember tasks you initially forgot about or as new tasks crop up.

2) Write down each task on your calendar on the date you’ve designated for that task to be completed. For those who like to have things written out and posted in a place where they will be looked at and reminded often, this will probably mean buying (or printing from your computer) an actual calendar for the year. For those who prefer the digital mode, this might take the form of an itemized Excel spreadsheet. Again, do what works best for you.

3) Set a reminder. This, too, can be customized to whatever system works for your own situation and preference. If you use Excel or some similar program for managing your tasks, you can actually set the program up to email you reminders when those dates come up. You can also use a phone app and set an alarm as a reminder. If you’re hard-core old-school, it might mean committing to physically looking at your calendar at the beginning of each week or even leaving yourself sticky note reminders.

4) Make sure you check-off tasks as you complete them.

Of course, we know that life happens, and it’s not always in accordance with our plans. If something comes up and you can’t do that garage cleaning on the first Saturday of April, don’t fret it. Simply move the task to a different day (don’t put it off too long), using whatever system you have created so that you don’t forget about it altogether.

For those garage and closet cleaning tasks, or others like home office, pantry and laundry room organization, Tailored Living can help design and install a system that will help you get organized faster and stay organized throughout the entire year.


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