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How to Get the Most for Your Money on Your 2016 Remodeling Project

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custom closet dark brown

Custom Reach-in Closet in Chocolate Apple Finish by Tailored Living


Out with the old, in with the new… as we head in to 2016, it’s a time when some people make resolutions to do something new, different or better or to lose, quit or get rid of something that’s been a hang-up in their lives. Still others have given up on making resolutions altogether.

If you are thinking of making remodeling your home, or parts of your home, a part of your New Year, we’d like to share some advice. It’s based on our experience as contractors as well as the experience of other experts in the industry. So, whether you call it a resolution or not, here are a few of our favourite tips on how to get the most for your money on your remodeling project:

1) Spend your money where it will make the most difference. A remodeling project may or may not increase your home’s value. If it doesn’t, don’t get discouraged. Instead, focus on how the project is going to make your life better. Will it help you live a more organized life? Will it help you spend less time doing household chores? Will it create a more efficient living space? Those are the best reasons to spend your money on remodeling. Just remember, too, that even if the remodel doesn’t increase your home’s value, it will probably increase its appeal to future buyers, should selling your home be on your horizon.

pantry drawers

A Custom Pantry Renovation by Tailored Living



2) When trying to save money on your project, look at the end goal. For example, if your overall goal in having a custom closet built in your bedroom is to make more efficient use of space, then the kinds of materials that you use are less consequential. Opt for cheaper finishes, hardware and accessories. This way you will still get a functional renovation and you satisfy your ultimate goal.

3) Do as much as you can yourself. We don’t advise people to take on a remodeling project that is out of the scope of their expertise. It can be very expensive to fix mistakes. Rather, focus on the smaller parts of the project that you feel like you are capable of handling yourself. For example, if you’re having a contractor come in to renovate your garage, perhaps you can do some of the pre-work yourself in order to save money. Painting, removing old hardware, even demolishing walls are just a few things that you might be able to do yourself. Less work for your contractor may yield some savings in the overall cost of the project.

4) Work with what you have. Moving doors and windows, for example, can add significantly more to your total bill. Rather, work with your contractor to get around things like that to keep costs down.

In our next December blog we’ll be exploring some of the options available for financing your remodeling project and offer some tips for deciding the best one for you.


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