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Downsizing- Part 2: After You Move

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Small bedroom with Murphy bed and corner desk by Tailored LivingWhen the big day finally comes to leave the home you raised your family in and move to a more compact space, we hope you’ll be taking lots of memories and not lots of stuff. In Part 1, we shared five of our favourite tips for downsizing your home before you move. Part 2 is devoted to some great ideas that you can implement in your new home in order to make your new, albeit smaller, space work harder for you.

Hopefully you’ll have ample time before you move to compare your new space to your old one and that you will have a handle on just how much of your stuff you’re going to have to get rid of in order to make the transition. That being said, it’s almost always a shock to the system once you get into your new home and you realize just how little space you have compared to what you’ve been used to, even if you’ve prepared yourself ahead of time.

Rather than finding yourself in a position of having to get rid of even more stuff after you move, we’d like to help you try to make better use of your new space, limited as it is. Tailored Living designers can come into your new home, free of charge, and show you how you can create better storage. Two of the best places to make upgrades in your new home (where you’ll get the most bang for your buck) are:

* The closet. Tailored Living has dozens of different options for customizing a closet which can literally be put together in an almost endless combination of ways. The master bedroom closet is an ideal place to start, but it’s also great to customize a utility closet (like a hallway or entryway closet) if you can afford to do more than one. Shelving, drawers, clothes rods and other aspects can be configured to maximize space, particularly vertical space, which is almost always wasted in traditional closet design.

His and hers compact custom closet by Tailored Living


* The pantry. Kitchen and food storage is a frustration with almost every homeowner, even those who have spacious kitchens. A well-organized, custom-designed pantry can take the extra pressure off of the space in the kitchen, handling overflow of things like seasonal dinnerware, canned goods, appliances that aren’t used frequently, even your wine collection.

Compact custom pantry in white by Tailored Living

Optimizing these two spaces tends to make the most difference when it comes to smaller spaces, but Tailored Living specializes in several other kinds of space-maximizing renovations. They include garages, entryways, laundry rooms and home offices. Tailored Living also designs and installs Murphy beds, which can be excellent additions to the empty-nester’s compact living space, particularly if they ever want to entertain out-of-town guests or have grandchildren sleep over.



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