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Getting Organized for the Holidays: Improving Your Pantry Space

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With Thanksgiving just past and Halloween around the corner, and with Christmas decorations already showing up in some local stores, many people are starting to think about the upcoming holidays. In spite of how much you might dislike being bombarded with Christmas ads in October, lots of people do begin planning, or at least thinking about planning, their Christmas now. That is especially true if entertaining is going to be a big part of those holiday plans.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to talk about getting organized for the holidays, and we’re starting with the pantry. After all, a significant part of the holiday season, particularly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, revolves around cooking (and of course, eating). The amount of food that the average kitchen and pantry stores tends to increase during those months, whether you have space for it or not.

In fact, it is often not a matter of space, but rather how you utilize the space that you do have. Now is the perfect time of year to think about a pantry makeover, and Tailored Living has some great ideas and handy accessories to help you make your pantry work harder for you:

* Wine storage: If you can’t have a wine cabinet, these pieces are an ideal alternative. Tailored Living has several wine storage options available, including Lucite wine pyramids and racks and pull-out wine racks that can be built in to existing or new shelving or cupboards.

Lucite wine pyramids are perfect for storing a selection of holiday wines

Lucite wine pyramids are perfect for storing a selection of holiday wines

* Spice storage: Just like our slide-out wine racks, Tailored Living can install slide-out spice racks, perfectly sized for all of your herbs and seasonings bottles. No more hunting for lost spice jars, because you can see everything at once.

Spice up your holidays and your pantry with slide-out racks

Spice up your holidays and your pantry with slide-out racks

* Hidden, pull-out counters: Where or where to carve that turkey when every last counter top is covered with pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and other dinner fixings? This slide-out counter is the perfect solution for those family dinners when there is more food than counter space.

Extendable counter top pulls out like a drawer

An extra counter on demand

* Pull-out baskets: Tailored Living can install pull-out wicker or wire baskets, similar to the crisper drawer in your refrigerator. With baskets of varying sizes, you can store all kinds of things with ease. Baskets make it easy to see with a glance what you have on hand and what you’ll need to replenish before company comes.

Pull out storage baskets in a Tailored Living pantry

Pull-out baskets are handy for storing a variety of different items

* Pull-out bins: These larger versions of baskets are perfect for bigger items and can also be used to store recyclables.

Tailored Living can work with virtually any budget when it comes to improving your pantry space. Whether it’s an addition of a few extra shelves or an entire pantry renovation, you’re holiday cooking and entertaining experience will be more pleasant and rewarding when you have an organized storage space.


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