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Home Bicycle Storage Ideas for City Dwellers

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Bike hoist suspends a bicycle from a garage ceiling

A bike hoist suspends a bicycle from a garage ceiling

In many urban areas, particularly in places like Europe and Asia, cycling is the normal, preferred form of transportation over cars and other vehicles. While this is far from the norm in most North American cities, cycling is growing in popularity as a form of transportation. Here in Vancouver, the number of people who cycle to work or school regularly is on the rise. There are lots of reasons for this, one being that new infrastructure is being built in such a way as to encourage cycling (and discourage driving and the added pollution and congestion that comes with it).

Another reason, particularly when it comes to people who live and work in the city, is sheer lack of space. With city land growing sparser, there are fewer parking spots available for cars. Those that are available are expensive. Storing a car in a city residence is also problematic, and it is next to impossible to store or park more than one vehicle if you live in Vancouver. No wonder more people are cycling as a primary form of transportation than ever before.

We know it’s a lot easier to store a bike than a car, and less expensive too. For that reason, we thought it would be helpful and informative to share a couple of Tailored Living’s bicycle storage ideas. Specifically, we want to highlight two of our favourite accessories for storing a bicycle. The great thing about these accessories is that they can be adapted to and installed in a variety of different areas of the home, not just in the garage (because not everyone in the city has a garage). Not only that, but you need not have a big living space to make these bike storage accessories work.

* Bike hoist: This particular bike storage system lets you take advantage of otherwise unusable space on the ceiling. It can be installed in a garage if you have one, or it can be installed in your home’s entry way, storage room or even the roof of a deck or patio. This suspension system lets you raise and lower easily, as needed, and can be adjusted to fit bikes of all sizes and designs.

* Bike rack/specialty hooks in slatwall: Slatwall can be applied on any wall surface, whether it’s a garage or a wall in a storage area inside the home. The bike rack can be quickly and easily inserted into the grooves in the slatwall. It can be placed in any groove, so adjusting for height and for accommodating other things around it is simple, and it can be readjusted later on should you find the need to re-configure the area. The rack pictured here even allows you to conveniently store bike accessories (water bottle, spare inner tube, helmet, etc.).


Speaking of slatwall, Tailored Living has all kinds of accessories besides bike racks/hooks for use with slatwall. This versatile system takes hooks, baskets, shelves and specialty hooks (for hanging items like sports equipment) for storage of a whole range of different household items.


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