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Creative Ways to Make the Most of Closet Corners

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closet cornerTailored Living is all about helping people make the most of their space by increasing storage capability without having to add-on to the home. As nice as an extra room or new closet might be, it’s not always feasible or practical. Fortunately, it’s not even necessary most of the time. Tailored Living helps people do more with what they already have, starting with the closet.

Tailored Living can make any space in your home work harder, but it is probably best known for its custom closet makeovers, so we want to focus on closets here and, particularly, those awkward closet corners. They don’t have to be awkward. Outfitted with the right accessories, they can dramatically increase the storage capability of your closet. Some of our favourite ways to make closet corners work more efficiently include:

* Corner shelving/cubbies: Tailored Living’s expert contractors can design and install corner shelving that fills that space and allows you to actually be able to store things on it or in it. There are literally dozens and possibly hundreds of ways that we can configure corner shelving or cubbies. We have many different kinds of materials and finishes so it can truly be customized to your needs and may even end up being a one-of-a-kind design.

* Spiral shoe rack: We love this little gem, and so do our shoe-collecting customers. A spiral shoe rack can be installed inside a corner cubby, taking up very little horizontal space and instead maximizing vertical space. It can hold more than a dozen pairs of shoes. Not only that, but they’re stored in such a way as to retain their ideal shape. Plus, they can be accessed easily and quickly… no more hunting through piles of mismatched shoes on the floor of your closet.

spiral shoe rack

A spiral shoe rack by Tailored Living

* Spiral clothing rack: Similar to the idea of a spiral shoe rack, but with a slightly larger horizontal profile. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent use of corner space in your closet. It has room for dozens of hangers, with spacers that keep the hangers (and your clothes) from sliding down the spiral rack, keeping your garments neat, tidy and wrinkle-free.

We know that it can be very difficult to imagine how those weird corners can actually be made functional. We also know that, even when we tell you what we can do with the corners, it’s hard to actually envision what it will look like. That’s why we love the D’Vinci™ 3D Design System. We can input the exact dimensions of your space, implement your ideas, and give you a three-dimensional picture of what the finished design would actually look like. This way you know exactly what you’re getting, and we can tweak your custom closet design before installation if necessary.


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