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Four Tips for Choosing a Garage Colour Palette

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Traditional garage by Tailored Living

Your Garage, Your Way

Tailored Living/Premier Garage remodels or builds garages pretty much year-round, but summer is definitely our big garage season. Although summer is winding down, there’s still enough warm weather left that you can go confidently ahead with that garage reno you’ve been thinking about. (Even though the dry weather hasn’t been great for lower mainland foliage, it’s ideal for fixing up the garage and especially for curing floor coatings.)

Gone are the days of the utilitarian, blandly-designed garage. Today’s garages are taking a much more significant role in the home and in daily life and, as such, home owners are putting a lot more design thought and effort into the garage, making it more of an extension of the home (or their own personality) than an after-thought. Of course, one of the best parts of and one of the first considerations you’ll make when it comes to decorating the garage is choosing your colour palette.

If you have an innate sense of design then choosing colours might come very naturally to you. However, we know that the garage is generally the man’s domain (please don’t send us hate mail, ladies, this is just a generalization and we have tremendous respect for ladies who love to spend time in the garage) and that decorating and choosing colours tend to fall lower on the man’s list of skills than wielding a skill saw or rebuilding an engine or all the other things guys do in the garage. So we thought a few tips on choosing a garage colour palette might be useful. These are by no means rules, but they’re excellent suggestions and guidelines for the design-challenged, whether male or female:

* Go for darker, neutral and primary colours. This is not to say that a neon-orange paint job is a no-go in the garage. It’s just that the garage tends to be a more neutral space that’s not conducive to such colour experimentation. Plus, dark, neutral and primary tones will better camouflage the kind of abuse and damage that garages are often subjected to, like dropped tools, chemical spills and (gasp) the occasional and unintentional impact of car bumpers and doors with garage walls. Finally, you’ll have greater options for finding matching accessories like flooring, shelving and cabinetry if you stay away from wild, bright colours.

* Choose colours that “flow” from the interior of your home. It’s a good rule of thumb that if you want a cohesive design theme throughout your home, stay within the same colour family. This doesn’t mean that if your interior walls are Fawn Brown that you have to choose the same colour for your garage walls. Rather, choose a colour that appears in the same palette. For instance, if your interior walls are a “warm” shade, choose warm shades for the garage.

* Choose a main colour for walls and patterns with complementary colours for flooring and other details. If you like red, for instance, but not as a wall colour, go with a neutral grey for walls and then opt for a flooring pattern that includes a healthy dose of red and a little bit of grey or neutrals like black and white.

* Employ the 60/30/10 rule. Choose a main colour that will compose 60 percent of the overall décor in your garage (i.e. your walls). Choose a complementary color that will comprise another 30 percent of the space (i.e. flooring, or the majority of the flooring, doors, cabinets, etc.) and an accent colour for the last 10 percent (a hint of this colour running through your flooring or on shelving).

These are just a few of the ideas that the design experts at your Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley Tailored Living design experts have in their arsenal. We (Ron, Hashim, Terry, Ben, Mike & Laura) are full of ideas, thoughts and insights that can be tailored to fit your specific needs, budget and style, plus access to dozens of products, accessories and options to make it happen and make it personal.


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