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Four Summertime Garage Security Tips

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Garage security is a year-round problem here in the Lower Mainland, and theft from garages is sadly common. Garage thefts go up slightly during warmer weather months, so we thought this would be a good time to address the issue and offer some perspective based on our experience working with Premier Garage of Tailored Living in greater Vancouver. The most common items stolen out of garages include:

  • Bicycles
  • Tools/Tool Chests
  • Power Tools
  • Guns
  • High-end toys and sports/recreational equipment (skateboards, golf clubs, etc)
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Items left inside of cars parked in garages. This includes loose change.

Cars and motorcycles have also disappeared right out of garages, though this is a much less common occurrence. Most Vancouver thieves are looking for small to medium size items that they can grab and carry away quickly and sell for cash.

We like these four garage security tips because they’re concise and easy to implement and may end up saving you a lot of money and loss in the long run:

  • Don’t make a habit out of leaving your garage door open. Thieves love to cruise greater Vancouver neighbourhoods to try to catch glimpses of what’s inside a garage when doors open. It can happen in just the little time it takes for you to open the door, pull your car out and close it again. There’s no good way around this but do make sure that you close your garage door as quickly as possible. Take note of anyone who seems to be hanging around the neighbourhood with no real purpose, especially if they’re showing interest in your garage. Believe it or not, garages are also sometimes targeted because they have been caught on satellite imaging and then show up on Google Earth or similar Websites. This is another good reason to always keep your garage door closed.
  • Keep valuables out of plain sight. For those times when you do have to open your garage door, however briefly, don’t make your garage a temptation to would-be thieves. Store valuables like tools and sports equipment inside garage cabinetry. If you must keep them out in the open, camouflage them if possible or keep them off to the side and near the front of the garage (where they’re harder to catch a quick glimpse of from the outside).
Stainless steel garage cabinets from Premier Garage by Tailored Living

Garage cabinets like these hide valuables like tools from the eyes of would-be thieves

  • Keep anything you don’t want to lose under lock and key. A determined thief may not let a closed cabinet stop him, so for those very valuable items you can’t afford to lose, consider installing locking cabinets and make sure that you keep the key indoors (not hanging next to the cabinet).
  • Watch out for your neighbours and share information. Communicate with people in your neighbourhood about garage theft and other domestic crimes. Talk to those living next door to you about home security. If you or other neighbours experience a garage break-in, report it to police and then post a warning in a common area, such as around your neighbourhood mailbox. Report suspicious activity to police and to neighbours. Better yet, start a Neighbourhood Watch program. This alone may be enough to deter thieves from even trying to hit your area in the first place.

Tailored Living offers a variety of cabinetry options in various colours and finishes, providing extra security in your garage and helping you get better organized.


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