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The Un-Pantry: A Different Kind of Shelving Project

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By Mike Pachal

I get a lot of opportunities to install shelving, whether it’s in a custom garage, a closet, home office or a pantry. However, this job was a little bit different than any I’ve done before and worth blogging about as an excellent example of what Tailored Living can do when a customer is looking for something “outside the box.”

A Coquitlam couple had a special tea set which they had brought with them to Canada from Malaysia. The set is used only for very specific occasions, and always with a specific kind of tea, also from Malaysia. The couple wanted to be able to store the precious heirloom in a way that would keep it safe and secure, but which would also allow them to enjoy it even when it wasn’t being used for tea service.

Working closely with them, we came up with a solution that would meet both of those needs. The couple had a small closet under a set of stairs. Its awkward shape made it difficult to use as a storage space for things like boxes, but which turned out to be an ideal home for the cherished tea set. They painted and wallpapered the inside of the closet space and then my team and I installed this set of floating shelves.

Shelves installed in an under-stairway closet

The shelves allow for the tea set to be seen and enjoyed (rather than packed away in a box somewhere in the home), and the closet provided the protection that it needed. The installation was fast and uncomplicated, and the overall project was quite inexpensive for the home owners.

Floating shelves make a beautiful addition to just about any room. They’re ideal because they serve both as storage and as a beautiful place to display artwork, knick-knacks, family photos, books and other items, but they don’t take up any floor space. While this is the first time I have ever had the opportunity to use floating shelves in a closet under a set of stairs, the project inspired me and my team and may inspire you as well when trying to decide how best to showcase items that are important, significant or decorative without taking up too much space. While Tailored Living may specialize in closets, its talented designers and consultants can work with any space, even awkward ones like this one, and transform them into something both useful and beautiful. Here’s a shot of the finished job with the teapots on display:

Floating shelves by Tailored Living with tea pots on display


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