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No More Excuses- We’re Dispelling Three Common Misconceptions about a Tailored Living Free In-Home Consultation

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Tailored Living is well-known for offering potential customers free, no-obligation in-home consultations.  In spite of this guarantee, we often get some common objections to the idea of having one.  We’re going to dispel three common misconceptions about getting a Tailored Living in-home consultation.  No more excuses!

1) I’m going to get pressured during the consultation.  Some companies come in to your home with big display boards and stacks of paraphernalia and an intimidating formal presentation.  Not us.  A Tailored Living in-home consultation is a very informal, low-key visit.  We don’ set up big displays and bombard you with literature.  We simply listen to you while you describe the space challenges that you face and the kind of personalized storage solutions you would like to achieve if you could have whatever you wanted.  We look at your space and offer practical suggestions and custom storage ideas based on what you’d like to achieve.  If you like, we can take your ideas back to our offices and come up with a potential 3-D design for your space using our exclusive D’Vinci design software.  But we’ll never, ever pressure you into signing a work order or buying something that doesn’t work with your lifestyle.

A Tailored Living representative showing a client his personalized 3D design plans

You’ll be able to see your design plans in three dimensions

2) I’m going to get hounded after the consultation.  If you express an interest in a custom storage solution, we will follow up with a phone call or perhaps a visit with your 3-D design plans or any other contact that you request.  But by no means will you ever get hit with repeated phone calls, nor will we stuff your email inbox full of spam.  Any follow up contact will be initiated by you or your expression of further interest in pursuing some type of a project.

3) In-home consultations take too much time.  We know that you’re busy.  You have jobs, obligations, a family.  We value your time, so we don’t come in to your home like other companies do with a lengthy presentation.  In-home consultations are always under one hour, and in most cases they take less than thirty minutes.

There is simply no better way to get a full picture of  how a Tailored Living closet, garage, home office or other renovation and custom storage solution can improve your daily life and the functionality of your home that with an in-person consultation.  You really have nothing at all to lose, but possibly much to gain in terms of the organization (and the time savings that come with being organized) it will bring to your life and the amount of stress related to disorganization that it will cut down.

On a different note, Terry from Tailored Living, Vancouver is off to the Tailored Living national convention this week.  Terry is looking forward to learning more about what’s new in the industry and how better to serve his customers in the Vancouver/North Vancouver region.  This year’s convention them is “Move,” and convention-goers and Tailored Living franchise owners will be using the hashtag #TLMove2015! to Tweet and post convention updates and other information.  If you want to get in on the conversation, be sure to add #TLMove2015! to your social media posts.

Tailored Living's Move 2015 convention logo

And, finally, Tailored Living just launched a brand new “renovated” and updated Website.  The address is the same (www.tailoredliving.com).  We love the new “open” and bright feel of the updated site.  It has bigger pictures and font and is easier to navigate.  Make sure you pay it a visit.


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