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A Vancouver Couple Repurposes their Guest Room

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By Terry Yakiwchuk, Tailored Living North Vancouver/Vancouver

My team and I had the chance this past month to help a Vancouver couple repurpose their small guest room.  The four-plex home in the Kitsilano area has three bedrooms: one master and two smaller rooms.  Our first task was to turn an old built-in Murphy bed located in the loft bedroom into a custom closet. It was an awkward fit for the room, and the room did not have a closet of its own.  The conversion has made the room much more usable, and the home owners now have a closet in their bedroom.

The next task was to create a better system for the ground floor guest room.  The couple frequently entertain their visiting adult children, so they wanted to be able to have a guest room at the ready for such visits.  The problem was that the room was so small that the only piece of furniture that would fit in the room was a bed, leaving barely any room for walking or for other furniture.

A "before" shot of a tiny bedroom in a Kitsilano home

A “before” shot of a tiny bedroom in a Kitsilano home

The couple hoped to convert the room into something more multi-purpose which they could use for overnight guests as well as for entertainment and general living.  My team and I designed and built a multifunctional hybrid Murphy bed/entertainment centre in a licorice finish.  One wall of the unit consists of shelving, two storage cupboards and several shaker style drawers for storage of smaller items plus a large opening in the centre for a flat-screen tv.  The second part of the unit features what appears on the outside to be a large cupboard or wardrobe.  Tucked away inside is the Murphy bed, which can be pulled out when needed for guests.  The rest of the time, it will rest inside of its cupboard, leaving room for the home owners to enjoy this room for watching television and to take advantage of all of the extra storage space.

Guest room with custom built Murphy bed and entertainment unit combo

An “after” photo of the same room after Tailored Living transforms it, including a custom entertainment unit with built-in Murphy bed.

As you can see, the transformation is quite dramatic.  In fact, it’s hard to believe this is the same room.  The space maximization will make a world of difference in the lives of this couple, who will now be able to enjoy this room all the time, not just when guests are present.


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