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Seasonal Storage Tips from the Organization Pros at Tailored Living

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We’re well into Fall now and marching swiftly toward Winter.  Now that Halloween is over, like it or not it seems that everyone is getting into holiday mode.

Transitions between seasons are always a great time to evaluate (and re-evaluate) your home and to get organized.  It may soon be time to get out the winter jackets, mittens and scarves and to polish up those sleds, so remaining organized during the transition will make everything smoother. We’ve already blogged about getting organized for Fall, and now we’d like to share a few more organization tips that have been provided to us courtesy of the Tailored Living home office’s team of professional organizers and planners.  They can also be viewed in full-colour online by visiting http://lms.dbmgroup.com/Email/TailoredLivingCorporate/J111010/J111010.asp?EmailAddr=pachal@tailoredliving.com&LogID=6596&ID=61097732&EID=NjEwOTc3MzI=

1) Have a closet in your home dedicated to seasonal items for the entire family.  This is where all of your winter coats would hang during the spring, summer and fall, for example.  When winter arrives, these items can be moved into your main entryway closet and spring/summer items can take their place until winter is over.

Cedar-lined closet dedicated to seasonal clothing for the family

Dedicate an entire closet to the family’s seasonal wear

2) Make the most of unused garage space.  Garage space in 95 percent of homes is either under-utilized or could be made more efficient by re-configuring garage spaces.  The garage is the ideal place for storing seasonal items like holiday decorations as well as things found in most garages like tools, spare vehicle parts, automotive and cleaning fluids, etc.  Need ideas for making better use of this space?  Visit Premier Garage.  You can also check out our recent blog post for garage winterization tips, perfect for this time of year.

Tidy renovated garage by Tailored Living

The transitions between seasons is always a good time to reorganize the garage

3) Enhance your entryway.  This area is another space that is often under-utilized or poorly configured.  Tailored Living suggests that doing some very simple things like adding strategically-placed hooks can make dramatic improvements in this area.  Or, consider having an entryway makeover to really get the most out of this space.

Entryway renovation with cubbies and hooks for coats

Prevent clutter at the front door with an organized entryway


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