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Winterizing Your Garage

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It’s not too early to talk about winterizing your garage, although hopefully here in Vancouver we still have a month or more before frost sets in.  But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.  (Just look at the freak winter weather that hit Calgary in early September!)

Fortunately in Vancouver we rarely have to worry about block heaters and having our engines freeze overnight.  Nevertheless, we get cold enough winter weather to warrant some attention to the garage during the autumn months as we prepare to head into colder weather.

Winterizing your garage will only take up a few hours at best, and it will be time well spent if it means preventing damage that can happen when things in the garage unexpectedly freeze.  Here are just a few things to remember when you winterize:

1) Plug up drafts.  Most homes don’t have heated garages, and that’s okay for the most part.  But do take the time to make your garage as warm as possible by plugging up any drafty spots around windows, doors and the garage door.  Replace any damaged weather stripping and cover windows with plastic if necessary.  You may want to get a hold of a garage door insulating kit that comes complete with everything you need to banish drafts from entering through your garage door.

2) Insulate vulnerable items stored in your garage.  Here in Vancouver it rarely gets cold enough to worry about things freezing in your garage, like motor oil and other liquids commonly stored in the garage.  But do take inventory of the things you have in your garage, liquid or otherwise, and make sure that anything that is vulnerable to freezing is either insulated well (i.e. covered tightly with blankets or stored inside of cabinets) or moved to an indoor location for the season.  (Note: Some chemicals and items like vehicle batteries can be dangerous or are susceptible to damage if frozen.  Always know what’s in your garage and what temperature it can safely be stored at.)

3) Clean out your gutters.  Even though it might seem like gutters outside have nothing to do with the inside of your garage, a plugged gutter can lead to leaks in the garage.  Wait until after most of the leaves have fallen and then clean out your gutters for the season.

4) Clean and pack away seasonal items.  As long as you’re out there, take a bit of time to keep organized.  Pack away all of the pool noodles, water skis and gardening equipment for the season.

Just because it’s now officially autumn it doesn’t mean that it’s too late for that garage renovation you’ve been thinking about.  Tailored Living has just kicked off its Customer Appreciation event.  You can save $250 on your garage renovation, or apply it to another part of your home like your closet, kitchen, laundry room, pantry or home office.

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