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The Only Home Reno that Will Make Your Kids Smarter

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Young girl doing homework at a desk in her bedroom

All parents want their kids to succeed in school so, ultimately, they’ll be able to go to a good college and get a good job and just generally have a happy life.  Of course, getting your kids to actually do their homework can be a challenge.  But, nagging and threatening aside, there’s one really good way to encourage healthy study habits in children: create a dedicated study space at home.

A dedicated study space is a place in your home that is set aside specifically and, if possible, solely for homework.  That means the dining room table is out!  Instead, your child’s study space needs to be in an area of the home that is free of distractions, like the television, and away from high-traffic and communal areas, like the family room.

The best place to create a dedicated area for doing homework is in a home office, spare room, or a room that isn’t used regularly for family activities (like TV. watching and video gaming).  The child’s own bedroom is another good option.

Since using the entire room, whether it’s a bedroom or a spare room, may not be feasible, section off a small part of the room that will become the study area, even if it’s a small area just big enough to fit a desk.

Next, remove distractions from that part of the room.  Declare it a “no video-games” and “no toys” area.  Then stock it with the tools necessary for productive study: pens, paper, calculator, crayons, markers, whatever is age-appropriate (this may include a computer and printer for older students).  Make sure the work surface is free of clutter and that there is enough room for books and papers and a computer, if needed.

Tailored Living‘s home organization experts can help you create a dedicated study space for your child.  They’re full of design ideas and have access to a wide range of products that can be customized to fit not only your space, but your taste and budget, too.  Tailored Living can design an entire home office or work within a small corner of your child’s room.  While we can’t guarantee an A+ on your child’s next report card, we can promise you that your dedicated study space will help to set your child on a path to excellent study habits, a path that will take your child through school and on to his or her next big endeavour.


Desk in Office in Candlelight finish with crown molding in Recessed Panel Premier profile

A desk made for two, perfect for siblings

The start of the new school year is just around the corner, and Tailored Living is offering you a boost toward your new study space with its Back to School Event.  For a limited time, get $200 off of your renovation project.


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