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The Garage Ceiling: The Last Frontier for In-Home Storage

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As the Lower Mainland continues to grow in population, town homes, row homes and detached row homes are dominating the new building market. These types of dwellings make efficient use of rapidly-dwindling urban spaces while making it easier for young people and young families to break into an ever-increasing and costly housing market.

Living in a smaller urban space often requires some flexibility and creative thinking, particularly when it comes to storage. Many contemporary urban dwellers are taking the minimalist approach when it comes to the things that they put into their homes. Furnishings are sparser, and home owners are keeping on hand only things that they absolutely need to use and selling or donating things they don’t need in order to make compact living work.

Still, everyone needs to store certain items, and this is where creativity comes in to play. Homeowners are taking advantage of every bit of space in the home and using it for storage, including the ceiling. While you might balk at the idea of suspending household items from your living room ceiling, most home owners are willing and eager to use their garage ceilings for such purposes. As such, garage ceilings are largely wasted space in many of today’s homes (compact and otherwise). Neither are they considered or being used as decorative elements in most cases, so home owners are turning here for a place to store things that don’t necessarily get used often but can’t be thrown away.

An overhead storage rack suspended from a garage ceiling.

An overhead storage system makes efficient use of garage storage space.


Tailored Living and Premier Garage have a number of options to offer home owners when it comes to making use of the garage ceiling, like this overhead rack which can be installed into the ceiling and height-adjusted to accommodate vehicles that need to be parked in the garage. Tailored Living has a number of options when it comes to materials, letting you choose the right complement to your garage’s current aesthetics or to go along with your complete garage makeover.


An overhead storage rack inside a garage with a sports car parked inside.

Another example of overhead storage in a garage.

Garage overhead storage is ideal for items that you use regularly but infrequently, like seasonal decorations, spare tires or camping equipment. By adding overhead storage racks, home owners can increase their garage storage capabilities by 10 to 30 percent in many cases.

Now is a great time to increase the storage in your garage. Tailored Living is offering a $200 discount on accessories when you book a garage makeover this summer. Book a free in-home consultation which includes a free 3D design plan.

Read more about garage storage and remodeling solutions at the Premier Garage blog.





One thought on “The Garage Ceiling: The Last Frontier for In-Home Storage

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