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Surprise Dad with a New Garage this Father’s Day

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Still hung up on what to get Dad for Father’s Day? If your Dad or significant other is like most dads, he probably doesn’t need more stuff. Instead, why not give him the gift that will help him organize all the stuff he already has in his favourite room of the house: the garage. Tailored Living’s garage makeovers can be customized to fit any budget. From a simple floor covering to floor-to-ceiling renovation complete with customized shelving, cabinetry and a built-in beer fridge, there has never been a better time to transform the garage into Dad’s ultimate man-cave.

Tailored Living’s summer promotion is out just in time for your Father’s Day garage renovation, giving you $200 worth of accessories for your new garage for free, so you can do more with your Father’s Day budget.  We’re showing you some of our favourite garage accessories here just to get your imagination going and to give you an idea of what Dad’s dream garage could end up looking like:


Garage cabinets

Garage cabinets


No more overflowing bins, no more cluttered work bench, no more flimsy wire or wood shelving.  Dad can store all of his tools, car parts and anything else that makes its way into the garage inside these handsome cabinets, shown here in Windswept Pewter laminate finish.  Several finishing choices are available so Dad can customize and coordinate his garage décor however he likes best.


hanging shelf mounted to a garage ceiling

Garage overhead storage

These hanging shelves can be mounted to the ceiling to take advantage of unused overhead space.  They’re ideal for storing things that you need to keep on hand but don’t use often, like holiday decorations.


Garage gridwall rack

Garage gridwall rack


This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive items for helping store things in your garage.  It’s perfect for hanging tools that are accessed and used often, plus all those other things that Dad likes to keep visible but still out of the way and organized.



Garage desk with chair

Garage desk with chair


A desk in the garage?  Why not!  It can double as a work bench when needed.  This one is surrounded by custom cabinetry in a Maple laminate finish.


Sliding doors on a garage cabinet

Sliding doors on a garage cabinet


Pressed for space in the garage?  Sliding doors like these are an excellent alternative to traditional doors that swing out.  Dad will still be able to get to his stuff even when the car is parked inside.

These are just a few of the options available for Dad’s garage makeover.  Check out more of Tailored Living’s garage accessories and decorating options on our garage storage page.  You can also view our garage flooring options on our garage flooring page.  (Read more about our PremierFlex garage flooring tiles or our PremierFlex flooring.)

(FYI: The $200 in accessories is good for closet accessories too when you create your custom closet.  But we know that the closet is the woman’s domain.)


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