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Tailored Living’s D’Vinci™ 3D Design Software Shows Homeowners Exactly What they’re Getting

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One of the homeowner’s big fears when renovating is having a project not turn out the way he or she pictured it.  Renovating is a big investment, not just financially but emotionally too.  When it doesn’t turn out quite right, it can be frustrating and even lead to emotional stress.  It can also be expensive to undo or redo.

This is why part of Tailored Living’s commitment to its customers is making sure that they get exactly what they want, and that what they get is exactly what they pictured.  To make this happen, Tailored Living uses exclusive 3D design software called D’Vinci™.  The D’Vinci™ software makes it possible for homeowners to have more input in the design of their closet or garage and a better picture of what the outcome will be.

When your Tailored Living design specialist comes for your in-home consultation, he or she will assess your needs and show you what options are available to meet those needs.   He will also take a full set of measurements of your space (closet or garage).  These dimensions will be uploaded to the D’Vinci™ software program and used as a basis for creating your custom design and configuration of elements like shelving, cupboards, benches,etc.   This creates a 3D-rendering of your actual closet which you are able to view from a variety of angles.

Your actual plans can typically be created and a follow-up visit scheduled within a few weeks or less.  Then your Tailored Living organization specialist will come back and show you the plans.  You will be able to view your project from multiple angles and even switch and swap accessories, components and finishes within the design program, giving you a clear picture of what the finished product can be with different configurations, colours and finishes.

Walk In Closet in Chocolate Pear finish with Premier Recessed Pa

See exactly what your closet will look like before it’s built.

One of the best things about using the  D’Vinci™ design software is that you know as soon as your consultation is finished what your finished project will look like.  There’s no sending of design plans back and forth, and usually no further in-home consultations are needed.  You approve the design before the consultant leaves your home, and the next time he comes he’ll be ready to build your dream closet.  D’Vinci™ has proven to be highly successful in the field.  It has increased customer satisfaction with their finished renovations and eases many of the fears and anxieties that come along with major remodelling projects like overhauling a closet.

Watch a project as it comes to life with D’Vinci: 



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