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PremierFlex flooring by Swisstrax in Racing Red, Jet Black and Silver.

PremierFlex Flooring Modules: Another Great Garage Flooring Solution

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Earlier this month we blogged about Premier NX flooring.  In keeping with a garage flooring theme, we’re introducing you to another fabulous garage flooring product.  PremierFlex floor tiles by Swisstrax are another excellent option for covering your garage floor, and they offer several advantages over other types of flooring for high traffic, high impact areas like the garage.


PremierFlex Flooring image

PremierFlex Floor Tiles in Arctic White, Pearl Silver and Slate Gray

PremierFlex is a modular flooring system.  Its quick and simple installation is one of the things that has made it a popular choice for finishing a garage floor.  Unlike other types of flooring, there is no wait time after installation.  Nothing has to dry, set or cure, and you can use it immediately after installation.


PremierFlex modular flooring is ideal for the garage because of its durability.  Individual tiles are flexible enough to ensure ease of installation and to absorb the weight of a vehicle, but rigid enough to provide superior strength.  Some of the characteristics of PremierFlex by Swisstrax flooring include:

*  Temperature tolerances of -22F + 248F.

* Compressive strength 5120 psi and rollover strength greater than 40,000 pounds.

* Resistant to chemical corrosion, including chemicals such as gasoline and battery acid.

* Easy to clean and maintain.

* Is not slippery when wet.

* Won’t get marked by hot tires.

* Contains more material per square foot than other types of flooring, ensuring durability.


PremierFlex Flooring image

PremierFlex Floor Tiles in Racing Red, Pearl Silver and Jet Black


Many garage enthusiasts are familiar with Jay Leno’s famous garage.  At over 17,000 square feet, it houses Leno’s collection of antique cars and motorcycles, over 100 in total.  Leno became an instant fan of Swisstrax after having to replace his epoxy flooring several times over the course of a few months.  He’s having great success with his Swisstrax flooring these days and is quick to advocate for the product.


Tailored Living has a diverse selection of PremierFlex flooring modules to choose from.  With a wide range of colours, our garage makeover team can match any existing décor.  Or, we can help remodel your garage from floor to ceiling and help coordinate your Swisstrax flooring with the rest of your garage upgrades.

PremierFlex floor tiles image

PremierFlex Floor Tiles in Mocha, Java and Ivory


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